do you go out with your infant these days?


Jan 16, 2006
San Diego
last time I was shopping at costco a saw a few couples with infants. I think if I had a small baby I'd be afraid to take it out during the pandemic. since these were couples one of them could have stayed home with the baby. I know babies not that likely to get the virus but the are so small and vulnerable.
If you have an infant, do you take it out to stores these days?
Maybe pediatricians are advising that this is ok


Mar 16, 1980
As far as I understand, the infection rates for children are very low, and even if infected, most don't show symptoms. I took our year and a half old son to the grocery store a few times, he just sits in the sanitized cart anyway and doesn't interact with anyone around him. I deemed the risk to be rather minimal, as do other folks, I would guess.
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Apr 5, 2009
I see baby’s all the time at work. A few coworkers have also brought in their newborns to show off like most parents do. The first few times it made me cringe but now I’m less freaked out by it. I talk too them and gush over them but I won’t touch them or pull my mask down around them. Lots of people will pull their masks down for baby’s so they can see their faces, I think the masks make the baby unsure of who’s there;what’s going on. The only one I really interacted with was one who saw me eating ham(we were in the break room) and mooched a piece of ham off of me, I couldn’t say no shes too cute lol and her mom was ok with it. So only one personal interaction in 8 months. We do have a mask mandate where I live, obviously everyone isn’t wearing them properly. So that helps protect babies because less opportunity for them to be exposed. It depends on the individual store but most have a/c, fans, and additional air purifiers going on so that also helps disperse the air as well. We have additional air purifiers in the office and departments that require more personal interaction with customers like the pharmacy. It’s hard because you can’t really keep them at home all the time. I think as long as the parents are conscious about their surroundings and making reasonable efforts to protect their babies like wiping down carts or surfaces that their baby will be in contact with they should be fine. I think a lot of parents are struggling with what they can and can’t do with their kids.
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Better right now than never.
Sep 2, 2019
My son is 11 months old. He's in a rather particular case, as he was born very premature and therefore has fragile lungs.
I avoid going out with him anyway, and even more with the covid. We go out together only to go to his nanny, who lives on the other side of the block, and to the doctors and the hospital.
I have heard and read about how children are much less subject to the disease, but don't want to take any risk.
And I have to say I do not really believe that, for we read everyday new hypotheses, discoveries and assertings which are contradicted the following week. Maybe in 10 years scientists will discover it was actually not so harmless for our kids.
Hope I'm wrong.
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Aug 4, 2007
Umm not sure why people think that children are less at risk for infection. While they may be less at risk for serious illness (although cdc says that babies under 1 year old are actually at higher risk for serious illness), there hasn’t been a definitive consensus that they are less likely to be infected. Prevalence/incidence may be lower in this population simply because fewer might be showing symptoms and/or getting tested. Maybe in the future we will know for sure that they are less likely to be infected, but I would not risk it now. We don’t know the long term effects of corona either. Furthermore, babies under 2 aren’t supposed to wear masks, so if you take them out near other people, they have basically no protection at all. And the biggest concern is probably that any infected babies whether they become sick or not can spread the disease.


Apr 25, 2016
I don’t take my daughter anywhere public (other than school or dance) if I don’t absolutely have to. Or unless it’s completely outside, like an open air playground.

really hoping that this will be under control by next summer. I’m going to take her all kinds of fun places to make up for the past year.