Do you go for pretty or practical?

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  1. I just bought a pair of pumps in black, because black is practical and I will wear them all the time. But the red pumps were so much prettier and cooler looking than black!! What do you generally choose, pretty or practical?
  2. I think my personal sense of esthetics tends toward a clean, elegant almost 'self-consciously un-pretty' look. I like uncomplicated, non-frilly, unpretentious personal items, so I suppose I choose practical over pretty. That said, I love the look of red against navy and most neutrals and have quite a few red pieces in my wardrobe, so I guess I think of red as a practical staple unlike, say for instance, Barbie pink which is far too pretty to go with my overall sense of style.
  3. A little of both!
  4. I like anything I buy to last a long time, so I choose pieces that are less on trend and more classic 95% of the time. So in the case of red or black shoes, I'd get black - I guess I'm 'practical' over 'pretty'.
  5. i tend to go practical, for the most part... but it really depends on the item.
  6. I think I've found a balance between both.
  7. Whenever I try shoes on, I never think about how they're going to feel when i wear them for a few hours...I just buy them becuase of the way they appeal.
    As for clothing, if something is itchy, or the fabric isn't soft, I won't wear it, even it it is gorgeous. haha
  8. Pretty! I'm always so un-practical haha.
  9. It totally depends.

    I just got some at least 4 in stacked wooden (yes, real wood!!) shoes. The straps are in denim and are HOT!

    Now...they look GREAT but they are SO out of my element. I wore them to work today and they were great!!!
  10. PRETTY! And then before I just dive in and buy everything that looks pretty, I tell myself to calm down and REALLY think about if it's practical.

    I used to buy a lot of things that were just pretty and totally unpractical, but now I'm liking the idea of simplifying my life more and more. So more often than not the stuff I buy/own is both pretty AND practical. I stopped buying just for the appearance factor.
  11. I go for both. Part pretty, part practical... I like a little pizzazz to my wardrobe, but still like a classic look with lots of versatility. ;)
  12. I don't do practical. I naturally gravitate towards beading, embroidery, silk, cashmere, angora, lace, pintucks, beige suede, handwash only, high maintenance. I like it that way! :cutesy:
  13. I go mostly for pretty....then kick myself when the shoes are painfully uncomfortable LOL
  14. Both. If I were in your case, I would have probably went with black too.
  15. When it comes to shoes, I always go for pretty, but I think that's just my style in general, so I don't have problems matching the shoes to anything. I also don't have that many rules as to wearing certain things for certain occasions, so I wear shoes that people might consider "special occasion" shoes more often than some.