Do you go big or small? Sizing issue...


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Dec 6, 2006
I fell in love with a pair of heels at Saks tonight. The problem is for $800, I want to get the sizing right. The 38.5 were a tiny bit small and the 39's were equally big as the others were small. So if you came upon this issue on a pair of shoes you "have to have", would you go with the small and hope they would stretch in due time? Or would you go with the big and know you'll have to use foot pads in the future? TIA!!!


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May 22, 2006
I usually go bigger only because my shoe size is already really tiny as it is, i'm usually between a US4 and 5 and finding shoes in a size smaller than a 5 is a nightmare. Besides, as i have been blowing way too much money on shoes, i prefer to go bigger because all the woman in my family have told me my feet may go up half a size or something after i get pregnant or as i age and i want to be able to wear all of my shoes in 10 years time... that is if i haven't ruined them yet by then :lol:


Jun 3, 2007
As someone who's currently in the process of trying to stretch out a pair of too tight heels (and getting the beginning of what looks like those "weird creases") - Go bigger! I'm never doing this again! Ouch! :cursing: