Do you glam up your pets?

  1. i have sweaters, a couple of shirts, a parka and a puffy vest lol for my westie..i pay more attention to him then i do to my own wardrobe it seems. what about you? fancy collars, clothes, bags? how do you pamper your pets?
  2. Fancy collars & leashes, fancy bowls, fancy beds, self-cleaning litterbox, the water fountain thing... a lot lot of toys....

    and so on
  3. ofcourse! there's her bee halloween costume in my avatar, 2 sets of coach collars and leashes (pink and red), a pink winter parka (my bf hates it), a bunch of sweaters, a cute bed that says "woof" on it
  4. Yes, much to my boyfriend's dismay. My puppy has a couple jackets, a ridiculous pair of blue & white pajamas, a santa costume & a few collars.

    I had to stop buying him beds because he kept eating them:blink:
  5. My girls would not have cute LV collars...Im waiting for the baby to get a bit bigger to grow into hers...I will not buy them again though...(quailty of the coach collars are way better!)
  6. When my yorkie was a puppy YES..lots of outfits but now just a LV Collar and LV Carrier
  7. I do.
    My franks has a burberry sweater and my luna cat has a crystal collar that spells out her name.

    It's too fun to shop for animals!
  8. Goodness knows I would if my kitty didn't BITE so hard, she won't even tolerate a collar! When I was growing up I had a cat that would calmly wear anything you put on her, so she was subject to many Cabbage Patch dresses and costumes. I can't believe my parents let me dress up the cat in retrospect, poor kitty :shame:
  9. My persian cat is naturally glam as long as you keep her brushed and clean her eyes. Right now she has a hair cut for the summer, to get rid of any matting.
    When I took our german shepherd to the groomers (my DH was out of town and I wasn't going to wrestle with her to give her a bath) the groomer put a bandana on her neck. It just looked ridiculous. Poor Patty, she's a female shepherd, but I don't think she'll ever be glamorous. She is just a sweetheart though!
  10. Ofcourse! Stella, my french bulldog/boston terrier mix, always has her pearls on. I make her jewelry, so she has many necklaces to choose from, she keeps up with all the fads. No clothing though...she HATES wearing jackets. When I put them on her, she just stands there looking completely pathetic, and I wind up having to carry her around.
  11. My pug Milo has a t-shirt that says, "Mamas Boy". It's so cute!! And for easter I bought him a polo shirt that had blue and green stripes, he was sporting!!!!
  12. No, my dog has a red collar and that's it. My two cats have biten through the collars I've given them and I've given up on dressing them.
  13. my baby is a lab mix so shirts for the most part are out, except for a lovely sweater with scarf attached, and a goofy sweatshirt. she has a large collection of seasonal collars and bandanas she wears proudly though.

    she has a pink pooch tag that reads " I LOVE LONG WALKS BY THE BEACH AND LONG WET KISSES"
  14. i dont have any pets.. i think even if i did.. i wouldnt do it.. i mean, a pet is a pet.. again, that is just my opinion...
  15. Oh yes! My cat has quite the collection of outfits. The latest was his 18th birthday celebration with a multicolored party hat and a matching festive collar. I took a lot of pictures! :smile: My favorites are his bunny ears and a surgical scrub outfit with cap . :amuse: