Do you give thank-you gifts to your trusted SAs?

  1. Just curious. I haven't in the past.
  2. Umm... I haven't either?
    I mean, they do get the commission O_O
  3. Neither have I, mostly because I don't have a really good relationship with any SA.

    At work, my boss receives a lot of gifts from customers, and it's really nice to know even if it's like, cheapo 1$ chocolate that they appreciate the service !
  4. No . . I feel like I'm spending the bucks *I* should be getting the thank you gift!
    I'll probably give my fave one a card this year though.
  5. I haven't gotten to the point of thank you gifts. BUT I do love writing a little note to the store manager, especially at department stores like NM and Nordy's letting them know that X SA is a great asset to the company, etc.

    Those little letters apparently make a difference for the SA's. All the SA's that I've written notes for are always super appreciative and tell me that the note really helps them out. I figure it's a short little note that gives them a "high five" that they deserve.
  6. Noppe, but I DO send thank you letters if the service was reaaaaaaaaaaaally good.
  7. I haven't given my SAs presents...maybe this year I might give her something. I do give my hair dresser a box of chocolates or wine or something like that for Xmas, though.
  8. I gave my SA a box of chocolate for xmas (he was only my SA for like the past couple months before). He is the sweetest ever!
  9. I have some SA's that used to be my grandmother's SA's they know me since I was 5. They get xmas gifts, also my perfume SA and cosmetics SA.
  10. no i don't.. i have gotten thank you cards from some of the SA's though.. thought it was pretty neat..
  11. If I receive outstanding service from an SA then I send a letter of commendation to their manager at the store.
  12. ^^^I think the letters to their bosses as wickedassin and layla do are the best gifts of all. And a great idea.
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