Do you girls use the outside pocket on the Coin Purse?

  1. I've just been looking a my new Coin Purse and I was wondering if any of you use the outside pocket on it as well? Or do you just leave it empty?

    Ohhh the lil things in life that get us excited and happy hehe :p
  2. I put headache tablets, plasters and hayfever tablets in my little front pocket.
  3. I put a hair tie and clippies in there-just in case I need them.
  4. one of my coin purses, i use for my ipod video. i keep my earphones in the front pocket so it doesn't get tangled. i use another coin purse for my canon camera and i keep extra memory cards in the front pocket. i have another coin purse that i actually keep coins in and i have receipts in the front pocket. i love these coin purses. i want more!:tup:
  5. I keep a spare car key in mine. I locked myself out once (while the car was running, no less) and vowed to never feel that dumb again. :nogood:
  6. This is all very interesting to read, I'm so curious about the coin purses! Please keep posting!
  7. Oh yes, I also use that sweet, tiny little pocket! Right now I have headache tablets in it, but I also use it to hold bobby pins and hair elastics.
  8. For now I use my coin purse as a wallet and the mini outside pocket for a few change - not too much cuz that's OD lol
  9. I keep buttons that fall off, the butterflys from the back of earrings, those little keys from LV locks! All the small stuff that would get lost at the bottom of your bag! Love it!
  10. When I used to use it as my wallet (or as a clutch on quick errands---I threw in my cellphone and keys on top of IDs, cards, and money), I used the tiny outside pockets for coins :smile: Love the Coin Purse!
  11. i don't have a coin purse, but when i get one i'd use the outside pocket for subway tokens
  12. No. Huh. Good idea! :tup:
  13. I've put a few dollar notes in there. Also sometimes put some plasters (band aids) in there too.