do you girls think this jumbo is too big on me??

  1. =) i recently received my new dark white caviar jumbo with the new chain from NM and loving it!! HOWEVER i took her out a couple of times and both my mother AND my bf told me it looks a little too large? so i thought maybe because it is white?? :confused1: this is my first jumbo and i love her dearly though!
    what do you girls think??
    by the way the price for this beauty is $2250 USD
    w/ flash and w/o flash
    my new white jumbo.jpg my new white jumbo2.jpg
  2. Huh? I think that's the perfect size on you! It doesn't look too large at all. Keep it. :yes:
  3. Not at all!
  4. No way- the bag looks awesome on you! :tup:
  5. Not too large, looks FAB on you!
  6. I don't think it looks too large at all:nogood:

    Looks fab on you:tup:
  7. No way, Jose! It looks great.
  8. I agree, the bag looks just fabulous on you! It is definitely a keeper! :tup:

    The dark white shade is really delicious...
  9. not at all! looks great on you!
    what are the exact dimensions of a jumbo btw??
  10. It's cute on you. Love it.
  11. its soo cute on u! keep it!
  12. besides if its too small it'll look too eveningish and u can't wear it EVERY single day!!!!
  13. No, it's definitely not too big on you. You look great wearing the Jumbo.

  14. lol it's a JUMBO, dear :smile: of course it tends to give off a 'big' impression. it looks perfectly good on you!

  15. Absolutely not! its like the perfect size. looks fabulous.