Do you girls have these bags? Which one should I get?

  1. Hi girls, I'm about to get my first Gucci bag soon. I was wondering if I should get one of these bags. Tell me what you girls think and anyone own one how is it? Thanks!;)

    'wave' large hobo in beige/off white

    'chain' medium hobo with horsebit in beige/off white

    'new britt' medium tote or large in beige/ dark brown

    'jolicoeur' medium tote in dark brown leather trim
  2. I'm about to buy my first gucci as well (while in Italy next month). I like the second one on your list..the chain medium hobo...I'm thinking about an abbey. Please post pics when it arrives :smile:
  3. i Think da first one i have a thing about big bags.
  4. mmmm I am more a tote than a hobo girl but not really crazy about any of those I think Gucci have nicer models for me that is. You must choose what you like best.
  5. I have the new britt large tote with white trim, and I LOVE it! I get soooo much use out of it.
  6. I like the first 2 the best. Good Luck with your decision
  7. I LOVE the look of the chain hobo but I also really like the new britt tote. Bags have to be easy for me to get in and out of and the totes usually are!
  8. i love the wave and the chain, it jsut depends what you want it for. you have awesome taste though : )
  9. I love the wave hobo and I've seen it for $725 at Sabine's boutique, It says temporarily sold out but I'm sure they'll get more:

    Also Bluefly had it in the white leather but I think its gone!
  10. I voted for the horsebit hobo.
  11. Horsebit all the way, nice bag!
  12. horsebit!
  13. Britt..I have it!!!LOVE!