Do you girls ever wonder...

  1. How many times these bbags change hands? (i was thinking about the pale pink box on eBay for a third time) SOme of these purses have racked some major milage around the globe!

    tPF's should put a little card in their bags (like a "where's george" tracking system) to track their travels.

    so of your bags that you've bought and sold, do you ever wonder where they are now?
  2. I am going to put the "tracking system" in my bags :p J/k. I bought 90% of my bags from BNY. Havent got a preloved bag so I dont know. But I am soon letting go some of my "babies"..and "Where is George" sounds good :smile: .
  3. I have wondered about this! I actually know of one bag I've had in the past that has pretty much circled the globe and ended back in the country of the seller that I bought it from. :p

    All I know is that I need to do some more traveling because some b-bags see more countries than I have so far in my lifetime. O_O
  4. so true!! Applies to me as well!!
  5. i guess bbags are in way too many hands!!!

    haha i don't even bother thinking of it...