Do you girls consider yourself Botkier girls?


Nov 18, 2007
So I thought we should drum up some conversation in our BEAUTIFUL Botkier sub-forum.

There are a lot of girls on here who consider themselves "Chanel girls" or "LV girls", etc. Do you ladies think you are "Botkier girls"? (as in always needing the latest bag, scouring eBay, knowing as much as you can to help authenticate, etc.)

What was your first Botkier and what made you stick with the designer?

Do you recommend Botkier bags to your friends/loved ones or do you like that you might be the only one in your circle of friends with one?

Let's chat! =)


In deo speramus
Oct 15, 2007
:thinking:Hmmm...interesting question. Well, I have four beautiful Botkier handbags and have not yet used any of them, as I purchased colors in anticipation of using them later this year in fall.

Now that Botkier has its own forum, I'm just staring to peruse some of its threads, this being one of them; so, I am new here and am not a regular contributor of this community.

Above said, I can't say I feel like a Botkier girl. Although, I have more Gryson, more Linea Pelle, and several Belen Echandia on pre-order...yet, I don't feel like a Gryson or Linea Pelle girl either. I do, however, feel like a BE lady, as I contribute regularly on their new forum.

So, for me, it's less about the number of handbags, and more about feeling connected to others who share my passion and excitement about a particular brand. And, to take this further, I suppose I feel like a BE lady because of the communication I've had with the founder/owner/designer/producer of this brand...whereas, I've had little reason to communicate with Botkier (other than a tracking # request), and limited communication directly with Peter Gryson (great guy, btw). And, the communication I've had with BE had to do with production specs for my custom-made bags; so, I feel connected in a way with BE that I don't with the other brands...which is not to say I love them any less, although it is a distinctly different first-hand experience.


Jul 28, 2007
I'd have to say I'm a Chloe girl first (ducks for cover :Push:smile:, and probably Botkier second.


Luvs Leather
Mar 21, 2007
How about this..."Botkier Babes?" Yes, I am a Botkier Babe! I fell in love with the Bianca, had never seen irl but I had to have one. I liked how it looked in the pics and I searched ebay continually. I finally got one from Botkiers sample sale and I was hooked. Then I bought the Roxy, two Bryant hobo's and the Nomad. I'm even hoping I can find a brand new black large Sasha duffle to spend my economic stimulus check on!


Jul 11, 2006
Chester, New York
I am definitley a Botkier girl. I have about ten bags and one pair of shoes. i got lots of compliments on my St.Tropez satchel I used in the Bahamas. I will be using my weekender satchel on my upcoming trip to Las Vegas. My absolute favorite bag is my medium bianca satchel of which i own three. i use the black the most. the bone colored one got terribly discolored from my jeans and stained terribly even though i was super careful. the most disapointing bag i had to have was my metallic plum rose satchel.


Nov 18, 2007
Honestly, it's silly but for me this is the first designer I actually feel very connected to! (I don't mean Monica herself, LOL)

I anticipate all new bags, die over the new colors and plan my next purchase. VERY rarely does that happen to me with any specific designer. I am all over the place in terms of what I buy designer-wise and am happy to say when it comes to Botkier, I would probably love anything they came out with. It's exciting!


Bag (and shoe) lady
Oct 27, 2006
I used to be a bigtime, hardcore, Botkier girl - I think at one time I had like ten Botkiers.

I fell a little out of love with them when they got monstrously popular and then got a little less "indie" and a little more bottom-line oriented -- for a couple of seasons they stopped using the fabulous leather and detailing I loved so much and their customer service also got spotty. I really have a pet peeve when designers raise prices AND lower quality and CS at the same time. I know, I know, that's capitalism, but it's annoying to lose the quality and service that brought you to the brand in the first place. so, around that time that this happened I started to turn my attention to other mid-end indie designers who I felt gave me a better bang for my bag bucks.

However, I am really really happy to see that lately they are bringing back some of their better luxe styles and materials AND I am very pleased that even in this tough economy they have resisted the urge to up their prices like some of the other mid-end/indie brands have been doing. I do wish they still had more codes and discounts, as I really never like paying full price for bags at this price point, because I think they are usually not in the same quality/appreciation range as the high end bags.

However, I really like what they're doing as a brand and I have always loved their style and materials. So I am feeling really good about Botkier these days! :smile:

(probably more than you wanted to hear - LOL! But I know I am not alone in these feelings)


Sep 16, 2006
Well, I do own more Botkier bags than any other brand but for some crazy reason I live in the BE forum. I know....I don't get it either.:shrugs:


Jan 6, 2006
Wild Wonderful West Virginia
I'll admit to being a Major Slut. I go from brand to brand at a whim. I love Botkier and have for years but I have learned from my previous Kooba obsession that a brand has to keep working for me, for my loyalty to stay. So I float from season to season and pick and choose what I want. I stayed in a Kooba Fugue for so long I ended up with some second rate bags and lost out on alot of other cool brands.

As far as what kind of Bag Lady I am.....what season is it would be my answer. Last year was Gryson and Botkiers, Kooba is always taken in consideration, and I recently got my first Prada and LV bag. So I'm all over the place.

Botkier is always on one of the top rungs though.


loves pink!!!
Jan 26, 2007
No, I'm an LV girl first, but I think Botkier has great quality bags and I always check to see what's new.


Feb 13, 2008
New York
I have been wanting a Botkier bag for a while... But I still want my first one to be the bombay satchel...So I'm waiting to see that pop up on Ebay


Oct 4, 2006
Definitely one of my favorite names.
The first Bot that caught my eye was the Large Essex hobo. It was love at first sight, but I never could afford it. I still want one.
My first purchase was the Bombay East-West satchel, which I love dearly.
So far, this is the only subforum I visit!


Nov 18, 2006
I love Botkier. If pressed, my absolute dream bags are Balenciaga or Chanel, but as I'm a full time student and planning to go to law school, I can't be spending that much yet. I do have three botkiers and I love them, love the leather, etc. I'm hoping to get more soon!