Do you girls carry your Chanel bags everyday?

  1. I have been carrying my baby coco cabas, but I am wanting to break out my crackled patent leather red classic flap. Is it OK to wear this as an everyday bag, too? It is just so pretty!
  2. Normally I did not carry CHANEL everyday. I like to change my bag everyday and I got various brands :yahoo:
  3. Why not if it lends itself to more casual styling. Just received large diamond stitch tote and will carry it that way. Had contrast stitch draw string bag from summer I carried for those months. Please share your thoughts those of you who have more to share.
  4. I carry my Chanel bags daily, lately the black patent/black large cambon tote. I like to get my use out of my favorite of the moment too.
  5. EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
    I rotate mine, but 90% of the time I'm carrying a Chanel; PTA meetings, Chuch E Cheese, grocery stores. . .
    I break out the LV BH on rainy days or when I know I need to be able to toss around the bag a bit more.
  6. I carry my red modern chain tote everyday, and switch up to a reissue on the weekends.
  7. I use mine all the time too, I also switch to LV or Burberry on rainy days.
  8. I haven't been using my Chanels as much as I'd like to...I keep forgetting which bags I have! I always get hooked on one and neglect the others.
  9. It depends on my mood but I mainly use my Chanel bags.
  10. Right now I am carrying the new Bbag I got. Honestly, I hardly ever carry my chanels. I have too many handbags, as if that's possible.

    I will carry a Chanel today!!!

  11. I rotate mine pretty good right now but want to beef up my Chanel collection and carry them more. They seem to be more me right now.

    I'm usually carrying Chanel, LV or Gucci.
  12. I carry mine 80-85% of the time. They are too pretty not to!
  13. Currently I am carrying my cambon :smile:
  14. I carry mine alot, but I do rotate my Pradas too.
  15. I rotate day bags probably every 2 - 3 weeks. I have bags from several different designers and I try to switch them out. I do change up evening bags to match my outfits, but my day bags often clash with what I'm wearing. Oh well.