Do you get Valentines Day Gifts?

  1. Do you get Valentines Day Gifts?

    Ok, for starters, I am just curious.
    Many members post what their SO's give them for gifts (vday,xmas,bday,yadda,yadda). It has me curious, how many of you get, or EXPECT to get a gift for St. Valentines day?

    I am going to start it off with:
    NO way in H3LL would I be getting a gift! My b/f didn't bother getting me anything on my birthday, got me a second hand original Nintendo for Christmas (granted, I am 24, but I do like old school nintendo. long live mario bros! Pac man! Sp Invaders!) Our anniversary (1yr) was a couple of days ago and sometime while we were watching the superbowl, he said 'happy anniversary' and that's about the short of it.

    Do you really get gifts?

    It just makes me wonder.
  2. ummm...well my family of course doesn't give me anything (quite, and I currently don't have a BF. In the past, I've somehow never spend V-day together with a guy, and the closest time was when I dumped my ex-bf ON VALENTINE's DAY! lol
  3. This post should be in the general section but to answer your question; no I don´t unfortunately, it´s not really a big day in Finland.
  4. Old school Nintendo would be one of my dream presents. :nuts: My BF was actually bugging me all winter about what he should get me for Christmas, and it was only after Christmas I mentioned one of the things I'd really love would be an old Nintendo (Mario Brothers 4 lyfe). So maybe I'll get one someday... :p I digress.

    He's currently on the waitlist for a heart purse, so... he tried. I'm starting to wonder if he'll ever get one or not. I showed him a picture of one about a month ago, and he waitlisted without telling me. It was only when I told him I had waitlisted too did he tell me it was supposed to be my V-Day present.

    For the most part... I don't expect V-Day presents. We buy each other things all throughout the year, when the mood hits us, so holidays aren't really a big deal for us.
  5. I love the original Nintiendo and the original Game Boy too! The new system makes me dizzy w/all the view and way too many buttons, lol. At least he got u something....for the past 3 years, i had to hint hint hint, bring him to store, clearly tell him things he can get for me, yet he never gets it. Mine will be Chanel Earring this year, or Vernis Pomme Heart, but i clearly doubt he can get either as they are either sold out or strictly waitlist only item. crossing my finger he don't bring me to mall and tell me"all i have is $XXX, get whatever you want w/it".....i HATE that!:cursing:
  6. LOL - I dumped my ex on Valentine's Day. It was kind of liberating.
  7. When I was your age I am not sure I got much of anything from whatever boyfriend at the time. Now that I am *ahem* "older", my husband may get me something like a dozen roses and a card. I did put out a BIG hint on a bag that I want but am thinking that may come as a bday gift in July. We shall see!
  8. I don't expect V-day presents because we buy things for each other throughout the year, holidays or not. Why use only this one date to show your love for each other? He does say "Happy V-Day" to me but that's about it. However, I do think some of the stuff that LV pushed out for V-Day are rather cute. :love:
  9. I usually buy myself something and then tell my DH that this present was from him (he does usually give me a ball park budget)-I think both of us prefer it that way because this way I get what I want and he is off the hook from buying something I wouldn't like!!!!
  10. on V-day? is he scarred for life? you know he will never forget you! the girl who dumped him on valentines day!
  11. My family always get me something... usually candy and a small present.
  12. that is just So thoughtful of him! he gets mad cred for trying.
  13. No, I don't expect anything and I don't give my hubby anything. We buy each other gifts all year long, but we tend to skip the days we are supposed to give gifts! (b-days, Christmas, Valentine's Day)
  14. I know - right? Like I said in a previous post, I don't really even care if I get it at this point. He tried, and that's cool. Not as cool as an old-school Nintendo, but close. :p
  15. My husband and I never exchanged Valentine gifts. We have seen so many people treat each other poorly thoughout the year, but go overboard on Valentine's Day. Our attitude was let's treat each other nicely every day of the year.