Do you get upset

  1. when you hear about all the new LE's launching, and then see them on eBay? authentic ones, but the people just buy them to resell at ridiculously high prices. i do. i mean, let the people who want them be able to buy them from LV. i dont buy from eBay because i dont like second hand bags. i was reading a thread about a mirage speedy and remember seeing auctions on eBay the day they launched:hysteric:, same with the MOCA neverfull, etc.
  2. There is no stopping it, people do the same with houses, they buy them and flip them over for a huge profit...
  3. I don't know if this is true but an SA told me once that LV keeps tabs on people who buy and resell. That is of course if they find out about it. Eventually corporate will list you as a do-not-sell-to-customer and she said that they have refused to sell to people on two occasions already.
  4. honestly NOT at all LOL

    because LV stores i my country doesn't always carry the LE items, and ebay would be the place where i can get to buy them :yes:

    for instance, the MOCA items... i have no relative in LA, nor friends, ut i can have that item because of ebay.
  5. not really, because i rarely miss out ;)
  6. Not at all. I'm more upset (or rather frustrated) when I realise that those items will never see the light of day in my country due to their limitedness. :mad:
  7. I dont miss out either, I usually get what I want and need.
  8. I just think that if you want an L.E., call LV directly and have them locate one for you. DON'T believe the item is sold out until you actually do the research. IE, the Patchwork Speedy, Bowly and Cabby are still available... when there are numerous amounts of people saying they are sold out. Just do the research first before looking on eBay. I only look on eBay and stuff to see more pictures of the L.E. items.
  9. It sucks but that is just the way of life. It is that way with everything. Supply and demand.
  10. I think when i see a LE piece on eBay which has a selling price 3 times the original price....i think its just plain stupid.
  11. It doesn't upset me but I won't pay those super high prices.
  12. So far, the only auction that's bothered me on a moral level was one with a seller who had a pic of like 20 MOCA items and 5-7 receipts or somehting.

    As for all the other auctions, I don't really care how much the seller is asking for. As long as there's a willing buyer who's desperate enough to pay then I'd give a pat on the back to the seller!
  13. Yeah I agree.
    I'm *usually* lucky to get an item I want so when I see it on ebay for a lot, I'm happy I have mine that I got for the retail price. :p
  14. Yes, I'm always fortunate enough to get what I want, but it still kind of ticks me off for those who aren't.
  15. If you took out a loan, bought the bags and sold em on Ebay for a huge profit, you'd do the same.

    I don't mind it all.

    If anything LV is a culprit as anyone since they are making the bags limited and thus valuable. A