Do you get tired of Speedies?

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  1. Okay, so I'm thinking of getting my first LV! I've narrowed down my options to a Damier ebene 30 speedy or a Mono Neverfull MM. My question is for you speedy owners, does your arm ever get tired when holding your speedy? I love love love the way it looks but it seems like it may be annoying or tiresome to hold it in your hands or rest it near your elbow. Has anyone found this a large problem? I would be carrying it everyday for school, but not to hold any books or spirals or anything. Just a purse. Help??:tup:
  2. nope have 3 of em, and want more!!!
  3. i use mine everyday for work and used it everyday in HS, i now have a mono 25 and 35, my mom has a mono 30.
    we're speedy lovers. :smile: it only get tiring on the elbow crease for me when i am shopping, so i just hold it by hand :biggrin:
  4. I don't ever tire of mine either.... but I don't do much carrying throughout the day, as I work in a cushy office job where I look at the bag more than lug it around.
  5. I get very very very tired of seeing them =[
  6. I have speedies from almost every line and I adore them. I never grow tired of them. It's not a great idea, for example, to go shopping at the mall with a heavy speedy as your arm may get tired. If you'll be carrying it everyday at school, it shouldn't be a problem if you're not gonna carry anything heavy. Shoulder or Cross-body bags are best for a full day of shopping or walking IMO.
  7. same here. i've got 3 and i love every one of them!
  8. I hope not!

    They're beautiful. The design is just amazing...and there's no other like it (Gucci, nice try!)

    But if you mean that it's become "the bag everyone's carrying, ewww" syndrome then yes, it can get tiring. But, I think for that you can always move :graucho:
  9. :roflmfao:

    No, I don't get tired of it, but I also never used it all day while at school. Maybe some of the high school/university Speedy carriers can give you more guidance.
  10. Sorry, I misread the first post.

    I think that you shouldn't plan on putting really heavy things in there although the Speedy 30 isn't large so you probably won't fit too much in there that's heavy.

    I advise you to just use it for basic "stuff" like makeup, pens, agenda, mobile, wallet, mirror, keys, tissues, etc...
  11. Since the 30 fits soo much you ( as an everyone) tends to put so much and yes it gets heavy but i would def get that than the neverfull. I recently purchased the neverfull so i still havent had a chance to use it so i lean more with the speedy.
  12. I never tire of my speedies - I have 3 of them!
  13. It should be okay if you don't carry too many things in Speedy. I like my Speedy and I have been using it for a while. If you don't have to carry other stuff, carrying Speedy will be fine. I find it difficult to carry my Speedy and my baby at the same time.
  14. im actually kind of tired of mine. i get annoyed by the sag and the fact that i cant wear it on my shoulder but im sure that i will feel the love once again! it really is a versatile bag though. i would certainly reccomend it to any LV lover!!
  15. I've had my Speedy 30 for almost 3 years now and I love it. If you're not using it to carry heavy stuffs, it's fine. I think the Speedy is a classic!! :tup:
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