do you get the bags Box with ebay purchase?

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  1. Hi, I am thinking about purchasing a LV bag through BIN on ebay. The bag has already been authenticated and the seller has 100% feedback on over 100 items. I have never gotten a bag off ebay so im a little freaked out over getting ripped off. The bag comes with its original LV box, a fact which I absolutely loved because i love when my bag has its own little home. But after reading a ton of horror storys on the ebay fourm about members opening there box's and finding no bag inside im a little scared. I know the LV boxes are heavier because of its thick material. Im just afraid that a seller is going to send just the LV box with no bag, and since the LV box is heavy it will seem like theres alot in there.

    are my thoughts totally irrational?! Is there anything i can do to make sure that i am going to get a bag and a box? Sorry if it seems like im freaking out over nothing! I just dont want to lose over 700.
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    A little paranoid? Maybe a bit. Justified? Probably so.

    Ebay has millions of buyers and sellers and the scams run amuck. The best advice I can give you is to RESEARCH your seller....

    Google their selling ID
    Do a TPF search of the selling ID
    Post the sellers ID and ask if anyone has purchased from them
    Check seller feedback on

    AND ALWAYS... Buy thru ebay via PP and USE A CREDIT CARD that will file a chargeback for you IF you get scammed. Verify chargeback procedures w/ your CC co before buying.
  3. either you take the chance and buy it or you just buy from the store.

    i don't know of any way to guarantee the seller won't screw you over, but for the most part, most sellers aren't scammers.

    check out their feedback, look them up on, and possibly message them through ebay to speak to them if you have any questions.

    at that point, you have to decide if you want to take a chance. make sure to go through paypal and use your credit card, no bank account/paypal balance payments.
  4. I know ebay is a scary place these days, but do what the others have said and definitely ONLY pay using your credit card.

    Ebay and Paypal will be on your side if you do have a problem. If the bag has been authenticated and your seller has 100 positive feedback you should be OK.

    There really ARE still good and honest sellers around.

  5. I would pay for this using my credit card without question and I would research

    them as best as I could. I would also ask for lots and lots of pics.. all views

    Have they sold many of this style? If they have, that may be your tip off that the

    item may be a fake.

    And I do think that there are many honorable and hard working ebayers out there.

    We all like to think that we are not being scammed on a minute by minute basis.

    Good luck and keep us posted
  6. I don't keep the shopping bags or the boxes anymore, just don't have to room, but I do prefer a dust bag at least!
  7. I think you're focusing on the issue of the box too much. What you need to pay attention to is the trustworthiness of the seller. If you have established that the bag is authentic, seller has great feedback, and you pay with Paypal using a CC and on Ebay, this is all you can do. It's not about the box at all: it's about your sense of the seller.

    Let the box alone: do the research you need to be comfortable, and do the transaction safely (in ways that provide you protection).

    Good luck.
  8. Be sure to not just look at the number of feedbacks, but at the actual content of the comments. Evidently, some folks either 'borrow' or buy another seller's profile if it is 95-100% positive rating, but the folks that gave the good feedback were rating experiences on buying kids clothes or socks- not high end items like Louis V's, etc.
    I got an LV bag once via eBay- the ad said 100% authentic, guaranteed. I got it and it is beautiful- the only problem is that on the inside Vuitton was spelled with an "r"- Vritton. I kept it because it was a decent price and really nice, but it just goes to show you, be careful!!
    If you are willing to take the chance and deal with the results, go for it- otherwise, buy at the store to be truly safe- good luck!!
  9. thanks everyone! im just a little paranoid from hearing everyones horror stories!