Do you get tempted by sales/discount items?

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  1. I just went to NM Palo Alto for the presale and boy, was it crazy! It was my first time there and I managed to get 3 Chanel items..i wanted to buy all of them just because i was lucky enough to grab SOMETHING but then i let two of the items go. now, i i really need the last item that i kept ? it's a pink caviar wallet (so cute) but i already have a pre-sale. do you ever get tempted and buy things that don't scream your name but think its cute? sorry for the long post..i'm currently also tempted by the baby animals flap but..i know i have other bags i want more but..yeah...its on SALE!
  2. yep, totally know what you mean. sales are evil. i always end up getting a bunch of stuff that i'm okay with (not like head over heels in love with).
  3. no, I have uncanny self control! :biggrin:
    I swear, I don't buy any high $ items on whim.
  4. YES!!! I'm looking at all these talk about sale items and I'm like... "i dont need that but it is on sale".

    thankfully i havent ordered anything yet
  5. Totally tempted. But then you ask yourself do I really need it? Usually not but it is hard to pass up a sale.
  6. I'm soo tempted but i've to control myself
  7. LOL....Christie...I have been baaaaaaaaaaaaaad today.:Push::Push::Push: So now you know how I deal with this kind of event.:roflmfao:
  8. what did ya get?:yes:
  9. LOL Karen, you better show me the shoes and the chloe bags, *DROOLS* . omg, you were the one with the rock and chain bag. i was drooling over it!!! i cannot believe i ran to the Chanel handbag section but totally missed out on the shoes!! My bf ran too, he got blocked by all the ladies..lmao.
  10. I do get tempted but it has to be something that I would have loved enough to buy at full price - if not, then it really isn't a sale to me - it is just burning money.

    Like tomorrow I will go by NM - mainly to pick up a jacket for my DH on hold, but...........I will also stop by and take a look at the Chanel trunk show items....might place a pre-order or two or maybe not, but I have no real interest in the sale unless a couple of the Chanel items I am looking for are on sale. That doesn't seem likely though....from the SA and she seemed surprised when I told her I had no interest in any other the other misc. designer bags going on sale.

    Really if I would not have bought it a full price - then I usually walk away...I have made the mistake of buying things on sale that seemed great at the time - only to later feel like I wasted money.....:tdown:

    And I don't know about the rest of you but I am still waiting on my money tree to bloom...hahahaha.
  11. I only get tempted if it's something I actually like. Im pretty good about not buying something just because it's on sale or b/c of the brand name. There is plenty of stuff that is brand name that I find quite ugly so the name alone won't sell me on it.
  12. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes: but we don't have much stock in Australia :tdown:
  13. I used to, but now I just ask myself, "Would I want this if I had to pay full price?" I let that be my guide.
  14. I am only tempted on shoes....but only the ones I have had my eyes on. If not, then no, I'll pass. I'd rather pay full price for the ones I really want and get good use out of them.

    Not tempted for bags on sale at all.
  15. I wanted to go there today but I got lazy. What kind of items did you see there? Does this mean there's nothing left if I go tomorrow? lol :-\