Do you get Spam Text Messages Sent to your Phone?

  1. I do and yesterday one had a 4 letter word in it that I do not need my daughter reading :cursing:. How do these people get your info? I only text my 2 kids and that is it.

    I called my carrier yesterday and they put a premium block on it, and today these hosers are in my phone again :cursing: I am so annoyed.

    Does this happen to everyone or did my phone just get selected at random by these jerks?
  2. OMG!Thats awful!!!!
    Never happened to me!
  3. We have cheapie cell phones that don't text, but Bro keeps getting calls meant for a Chinchilla breeder in the next town over on his...

    Man, nothing is sacried anymore. WHO sends that kind of carp?
  4. I have not (knocks on wood). The worst thing is you're paying for it! Can you change your # since the block feature obviously didn't work?
  5. I have actually had my number ever since cell phones came out LOL! Since at least 1990 so I dont want to change it.

    I just found out that the next step is to create a Nickname they call it and then I have to forward my "Nickname" to those who send me text messages (which I am lucky its only 2 kids) and then only allow messages from that nickname in to my phone. What a pain.

    But what happens when the spammers find out my Nickname LOL! I wish someone would flush the spammers down the toilet so they can live in the cesspool where they belong. GRRRR!
  6. Really? I've never gotten spam texts, just the odd wrong number and so on.
  7. yeah, I've never gotten those either.
  8. I just got a couple in the past few days also. Is it because they have released cell phone #'s now?
  9. Nope, haven't gotten any of those.
  10. I have a couple of times. I ended up registering my cell phone number on that do not call registry and that helped.
  11. ive gotten chain texts from people i dont know... I have recently been getting phone calls from different companies, which is really annoying me, since i didnt give it to them!
  12. I don't open up any texts if I don't recognize the number...I got one a couple weeks ago that I suspect was spam but I didn't open it.
  13. Yeah, I started getting spam text messages too after playing a text messaging game at a pub. Stupid me :sad: