Do you get "sole sadness" after the first time you use new shoes?

  1. I just can't describe that feeling when you open your shoe box for the first time and pull out the beloved shoes and put them on for the maiden voyage....but then I look at the beautifu sole, and cringe when I take my first step outdoors.

    I love how nice and light beige my Manolo's and Choo's are....its even more heartbreaking when it comes to the Christian Louboutin's. Wahhhhh, I hate seeing the red fade away....:crybaby:

    Does any one else feel this way? hehe...or do I just have shoe-insanity?
  2. I hate this soooo much! The bottoms of Choo's and Manolo's are so soft and beautiful, it's so sad when you wear them.
  3. Isn't it normal to get them soled before you wear them outside? I wouldn't dream of walking outside on a suede sole.
    I've now got 4 pairs of Manolo's waiting to be soled before I can wear them!
  4. Au contraire... as soon as I get a new pair of shoes, I can't wait to wear them! (Of course, I don't yet own any Louboutin's or Manolo's, so my opinion could change...)
  5. I know exactly what you mean. I could not bear to wear my Pigalles for the longest time because of this. Then my g/f Louise told me about the "cure" - just put a little wax on the sole before you step on them. Works GREAT to keep them red forever!
  6. I use to get them soled when I lived in snowy weather areas. And that also made me sad to see it all cvoered up. But now that I live in CA i tend not too, since i dont' slip. I asked the shoe people, and they said for some types, like the open toe, its not really necessary. But if I want to protect the tip of the shoe on my pointier shoes, then its still not a bad idea to do it.
  7. Yes! This is why some of my shoes are unworn....
  8. Thanks Shomoo88!! I thought I was the only one who felt like this after wearing a new pair of breaks my heart to see them just after one day/ night's use :shame:
  9. Naa, it's supposed to get worn in. Atleast it isn't the shoes itself. I heard that it helps you walk better when they are worn in anyway.
  10. Yes! I get the same cringe feeling every time I wear a new pair of Louboutins out- I am so sad to ruin the gorgeous red sole.
  11. I change my shoes to wear outdoors. I wear my nice ones indoors only. Yes, I'm one of those nerdy types you see in tennis shoes on the streets with my work clothes. Well, it helps the shoes last longer!
  12. I get "sole sadness" as well. But after a few times of wearing them, I'll go and get the sergio rossi's or choo's resoled to help keep the wear to a minimum. But, must go to a good shoe repair shop.

    I've been okay with the CLs as long as the heel underpart stays red :p
  13. Hmm, maybe I'm weird. I don't get "sole sadness" (VERY cute, btw!) when I step out in new shoes. I absolutely LOVE wearing new shoes, it gives me a rush and I feel so pretty! Of course, I am saddened when they get scuffed/dirtied but then I just think about the next pair...:p
  14. I get a little sole sadness myself, but I get over it...except for my CLs