Do you get purse envy?

  1. The first time I got purse envy and the start of my purse addiction was when I saw this woman with a Coach patchwork tote.

    I was in love.

    I had seen it in the store, but could not pay $398 for a bag.

    Once I seen the woman with the bag to die for, I went to the Coach store wanting to purchase that tote. The SA laughed at me and told me they have been sold out for weeks.

    Just made me want it even more!!

    I hunted that bag down in DC. Had it Fedex to me, and waited.

    Now I have a friend with a Gucci I just love...purse envy..
  2. Hehe I don't think I've ever felt envious of other women for their purses. I mean, sure, I've seen pretty purses that other women carry around, but so far, no envious feelings :smile:
  3. Not really? I definitely admire the bags other women carry but I don't think I've really bought a bag after seeing someone carrying it. tPF has more than enough inspiration. ; )
  4. Sometimes I see a bag on another women and think "wow, that bag is beautiful." Previous to that I never gave to thoughts about the bag and afterwards I might be trying it on for myself.
  5. I love a lot of bags on other women. Never purchase one because of envy.
    Usually my bags are very different from what my friends have and like.
    My friends usually comment on my bags.
    I would ask my friends to look at their bags. I would love to have couple of what I saw, but it was TJMAXX finds for them, so it is impossible to even find out who the designer. Or the designer would be someone unknown with Italian name on the tag...
  6. Purse envy... not really envy it's more like "OMG, this is a great bag I want to have that, too - what must I do to get it?!
    I remember seeing a LV Ellipse on another woman and decided on the spot that this would be my next LV bag. It took another three years until I had it - but I did get it in the end!
    Regina :smile:
  7. Yes this has happened to me a lot. I will see all kinds of different bags on women and I have found some that I really like and looks good on them, not sure if they would look good on me though. There is this one women at school, she has an LV Batignolles Horizontal and I love how it looks on her. I love how the bag looks as well. But, again, not sure how it will look on me. Well, I cant afford to get it now anyway, so I have a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time to think about it. But, yes I have purse envy, its happened more than this one time. :okay:
  8. I get purse envy from seeing what people on tPF own :p
  9. You know, when I lived in Phoenix I used to see cute bags all the time and I always wanted to run up and ask what it was and where the person got it (never did!), but now that we've moved back here - down south - I don't see many bags on other people that I want. Nawlins isn't an image-conscious kind of city and I think most women don't spend much on bags (other than Coach)! That's why I spend WAAAY too much time on tpf looking at bags!!
  10. In my and best friend sit on the entrance hallway and watch

    the girls parade around with their bags.. it helps in giving you ideas of what

    bags to purchase..and you see everything from every brand!
  11. Not so much purse envy, but purse budget envy. :roflmfao:
  12. I see bags I love, but usually don't buy them after I've seen them in action. I tend to buy the newest one at Coach or Nordstrom, or one that I've never seen IRL until the moment when it's standing in front of me in a shop. Sometimes I'll buy one that I see on tPF or elsewhere online, but almost never one I have seen someone using. I like bags (and shoes) that I don't see on every other person walking by. That's easier said than done in a city where people have the stores and the money to buy almost anything!
  13. That's me as well. Not so much envy as it is admiration and a change of heart.
  14. i don't know if i get envious, but i def. admire. and if i'm out shopping and see something special, i admire/stalk the purse.
  15. Not purse envy but I do enjoy admiring other womens bags.