Do you get people still trying to lo-ball your Buy it now auctions?

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  1. Ok guys-does this ever happen to you...You list a Buy it now auction with a fixed price and still get all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork offering you less or asking "what's the best (lowest) price you can give me on this item?" Is this normal? I know I'm new at this but is it wrong for me to get a little miffed? Just wondering..............
  2. All the time.
  3. Constantly. Welcome to Ebay... some how it always seems to be a full moon.
  4. ahhh yes. My husband is the KING of lowballing and we share and ebay account. In the last 2 days he's asked me 3 times to email a seller to offer $1500 on the poor guys $2500 BIN (Gorgeous Les paul guitar too). I refused and my husband said "why? they don't know you". :blink: gah, Because it's friggin embarassing!! lol. In his defense, my husband truly looooves to haggle and thinks everyone else does too.

    I balance the scale by the way, since I love BIN and hate bidding. I just want what I want, as soon as possible :yes:
  5. Lol yeah it happens a lot.
    Except last time I had a BIN or best offer up, no one even made an offer. :Push:

    OT: dollyrusso, I have that bunny beanie in your avatar! I remember those were like the anti-beanie baby lol. I forget his name but he's the rabbit's foot one. :P
  6. Yes and funnily, only buyers from one country - Singapore!
    By the way I don't sell high value items!
  7. Happens all the time, so annoying!
  8. I had a BIN at 1150.00 and out of 4 offers the highest I got was 900.00! The bag is worth almost 3000.00 new and mine is near mint
  9. I think it happens more often these past few months. I got a few absolutely ridiculous offers just today.
  10. Happens all the time. I figure that it's a free market and there's never any harm in asking someone if they'll do a better price. I even know people who do this in stores! I think that most buyers forget that they're not the only ones who ask... there are heaps of other buyers that also ask and as a seller, you get to field all the emails, while a buyer simply emails once and that's that!

    Either way, as long as they are courteous, I don't mind... I just can't stand the ones that are like "GIVE ME YOUR BEST PRICE. IT'S CURRENTLY TOO HIGH" or "Do you seriously expect someone to pay $XXX? I'll give you $xx and that's pretty good for you." Seriously!
  11. What kills me is the sense of entitlement that some people have. Like, just because they asked (OK some demand instead of asking), I should take hundreds or thousands of $ out of my own pocket and hand it to them.
  12. ^^ I agree - it's all in the attitude!
  13. I seriously hate it when people do that...
  14. Yes l have recently especially when the listing is near to finishing. Have had one person ask love the bag but cant afford it but will you lower the price if it doesnt sell? The answer is no!
  15. Yeah I hate that line "can't afford it". It's not like I am selling medicine or an essential item.

    Especially when the person who "can't afford" has the last 5 feedback for LV bags that are far more than what I am selling!