Do you get offended when someone asks if your LV is fake?


Jun 1, 2007
I have never had it happen to me I think its because my wallet is utah ..but a friend was asked once if he got his MC wallet on canal street (fake alley in San Francisco) , he just said no I got it at the rodeo store and since he was just visiting the city he said you mean there is another LV boutique on canal street I havent heard about?...but get offended why ?? if they have to ask then they probably dont know whole lot about LV anyway....
May 22, 2007
Although I've never been asked outright, I get a bad feeling sometimes that people are assuming my LVs are fake. I'm 21, but look 17 so there's that "she's young so it can't be real" mentality! :sad:
Somedays I care, somedays I don't. The people who know me well know I would never buy a fake.


ooh let me see!
Dec 24, 2006
i don't usually get asked "is that fake?" i get asked "is that real?" and i just laugh, give them a quizzicle look and say "of course it is! everything i carry is real." but if someone said "that's fake" then yes, i'd go off. lol.

this one girl i never liked once asked me "where did you get that, it's so cute!" i said, "well, at the louis vuitton store of course" and she goes, "oh, it's real?" and i said, "of course it is!" with a big fat smile. lol.