Do You Get Lazy With Your Beauty Rituals?

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  1. Are u guys always consistent with your morning/evening routines? Sometimes I get soooo lazy lol. I have a few stretch marks that I try to put cocoa butter on each night so that they'll fade...but I swear I do it MAYBE twice a week if that. I try to exfoliate my face & body once a week as well as put moisturizer on my feet and sleep in socks. I definitely do the basics like brushing my teeth and showering...its just the more "special" stuff lol. I just cant be consistent. :push:
  2. It's kinda both for me. I'm super diligent about my face, and I'll spend like 15 mins morning and night just putting creams and stuff on, but for my body, no ritual ever sticks! I've been meaning to moisturize my body daily, but for some reason, I always stop after a week or two.
  3. Yes, I'm very consistent. I have a precise morning & evening routine for my face care. I also do microdermabrasion every 1-2 weeks.

    I do a body scrub every 1-2 weeks. Every night after bath, I use moisturizer on my body & alpha hydrox cream on my feet & cover them with socks. I enjoy doing it all:smile: I feel outta whack if I don't do something~ anal, I know;)
  4. I would say I'm consistent with routines. I've been in the habit of the body lotion thing since I was very young, like 13? I can't get dressed in the morning (afer showering) without my body lotion. I wish I was consistent with the healthy diet and eating though. Thats another story altogether!
  5. I'm not all that consistent. I follow my morning routine most of the time, but when night falls I just wanna hit the sack! I must admit I'm terribly lazy about taking off what little makeup I put on and washing and toning and moisturizing when I could be curled up in bed snoring :p
  6. I've become much more diligent after seeing the effects of sun and age! I am 36, so I'm still young enough to make a difference, but I wish I'd started earlier. I am VERY consistent with both my face and body routine, and I do see it making a difference.

    But I agree about the diet and lifestyle! I'm sure I'd see even better results if I could stay consistent with that!
  7. I'm lazy about regularly moisturizing my skin so all these new "creme oil" products have been a godsend. I also sometimes use make-up removing wipes (Shiseido makes good ones) instead of washing. And don't even ask about shaving in the winter! Hey, that's what tights are for, right??
  8. yeah, I definitely do. I find that if I don't have the face wipes that are already wet and don't require rinsing I only clean my face at night half the time. Washing with water seems like such a pain and it gets everywhere. So I often just don't feel like doing it.
  9. The only ritual I get lazy with is washing my face when I get home at the end of the day! When I come home from a night out I'm so lazy I just want to go straight to bed rather than splash cold water on my face! It's good I wear mineral makeup though cuz I've fallen asleep in my makeup so many times! However, I think makeup application is fun so I never really get lazy with that ritual :yes:
  10. I think i am pretty stringent on my beauty rituals. I do the entire three step proactiv line morning and night. Also apply the refining mask where needed. Then before bed I will do my crest whitestrips to keep my teeth white and pretty. After every shower, I would moisturize and try to apply self tanner. Cocoa butter sometimes. I do my own mani and pedi and eyebrows every week or two.
  11. im lazy too, i wash my face everymorning, and most morning put toner.. i always mostiories

    but as others mentioned i barely take my makeup off at night too lazy and tired, those facial wipes are a god send, i have to get in the habit though of putting vaseline on my feet and wearing socks as i haev gross hard skin feet
  12. Oh yes.... until a new pimple pop up then I'm back on everything again.
  13. i'm very good with my face but totally inconsistent with body creams (ie sliming and lifting body creams, scrubs, moisturizers). I'll do it for 2 days and then forget about it for a few weeks. .... URGH =(
  14. Pretty much so. Once, I came home at 3.30am, and hit the shower and washed up - including washing my hair! I'm a guy, so my hair doesn't take 2 hours to dry.. I will do the basics.. Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize daily.
  15. I'm super anal about my skin, I wish that I could say the same about nutrition...