do you get hated on for being uppity?

  1. i had dinner w/ this girl last night. when we were getting our wallets out to pay, she whipped out a LV mono checkbook fold. I didnt really take a second look at it when I said, "oh I had that wallet, but I returned it cuz I needed the money." she was like oh you think it is real? I asked to see her wallet close up. It was indeed a fake. The inside stamp was all smeared and the wallet felt really thick and plasticky. she then went on and on about how she bargained for that wallet to $10 (down from $20) in nyc and how when she was at nyc she was determined to get a fake LV. i just smiled and nodded cuz if someone wants to carry a fake that is her perogative.

    i then relayed the story to the bf and he scolded me for being so uppity! i told him that i hate it when people front. like if they can't afford LV (the wallet real retails for $180, so cheapest LV wallet) then get something that they can afford! he then went on about how it's the same thing that i wear padded bras... i am a 32A so i have no boobs whatsoever. he's like well she is fronting assets she doesnt have and you are fronting assets you dont have! when we first met i was wearing my best bra (vs very sexy) and he said he actually thought i had breasts! he thought i was at least a med B when in reality i was a small A :rant::rant:.
  2. No offense..BUT if I had a BF that said that to me about my boobs..He'd be on the curb.
  3. I get it all the time, but you gotta brush it off. I'm with you. I would rather have a 10 dollar wallet from Target that's real, than go somewhere and possibly get hurt for a fake LV wallet. It's really hard to get fakes in NYC nowadays because it's illegal. They could take you somewhere to see wallets and knock you over the head or something.

    I don't have a problem with people who carry fakes. I know plenty of people that do, but don't front and act like it's real and be mad because I have the real thing in front of your face. It doesn't compare.
  4. i am still pissed at him. but maybe he has a point? how is wearing a fake bag different from wearing fake breasts, or wearing so much makeup that you look like a different person w/o.

    i dont think i'm uppity though. i just detest counterfeit goods. i also don't believe in being pretentious about wealth you don't have. if i had no money i'd wear target brand stuff for the rest of my life than spend 20 bucks on fake LV.
  5. Yea, I have to admit I don't like the boob comment either. But, see, the difference is that he is obviously someone who doesn't mind fake things, i.e., boobs, wallets, etc. And you are someone who does mind fake things. I've said this before, some people like fake and some people don't. I think you just have to go with what YOU like and get what YOU want no matter what other people think. And I would have definatly said to my friend, "OH, I hate fakes" and went on to tell her that she is helping the terrorists!!!
  6. No way about the bra stuff either.....if your wearing the correct bra for you, (size, fit) then every bra makes every woman look better!!!
  7. Wearing a push up bra is not fake breasts. It's enhancing what you already have. A fake wallet is not enhancing you in any way, but another place to put your money.
  8. i have to admit i only buy bras that make me look bigger. vs very sexy is the best for me imo.
  9. I'm sorry, but I do think your boyfriend was extremely insensitive and mean for saying that to you.
  10. wow fendigal, your experience was worse than mine! i already brushed mine off but i'd hate for someone to think i'm uppity cuz i happen to enjoy fine bags.
  11. Just because someone buys a fake doesn't mean they can't afford it or the lifestyle. (I know this has been debated to death on here and every other messageboard. And no, I'm not a fan of fake bags regardless.)

    I find it no different then those who would like to believe or think they can afford the lifestyle just because they own a 1K bag, when in reality they can't or shall I say shouldn't. (I'm not inferring this is the case with the original poster, but in general.)

    It's all in where people choose to put their money.
  12. :yes: believe me if anyone would say that about my breast (and they are "fake") they definately need new "fake" balls :rant:

    ah and yes i am a snob and uppity but everyone knows that upfront so it is not my problem if they can´t deal with it i sure can
  13. No one said they couldn't afford it. Just why perpetrate and buy a fake one if you need a wallet?

  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: