Do You Get Flu Shots ?

  1. I never have, I'm blessed so far as i have never had the flu, and i dont ever see myself getting a flu shot.

    Do you get flu shots ? Did it work ?
  2. No, I don't believe in them. I'm not even certain what exactly a Flu is. I know I sound silly, but I've goteen horrid colds, but I never run to the doctor, flu? really bad cold? Who knows. I just up the vitamins, echinacea, Ricola's, tea and honey and sleep.
  3. I don't! Whenever I did get flu shots, I always got horribly sick that year. I know they say that the virus is not live, etc.. etc.. but I still got sick. When I don't get them, I don't seem to get sick, so I don't. ;)
  4. nope! hate needles!!! would never get one unless it was necessary
  5. I do, I work in the medical field and don't want to take any chances.
  6. We do in our home.
    One of my twins has asthma and a very sensitive respiratory system so we have to protect him. . .
    poor little guy, he's allergic to eggs so he can't have the shot himself.
    We all get it so we don't get it and expose him.
  7. I've been getting them for about four years, except I missed the year before last. I do seem to be healthier the years that I've gotten them. The one year that I missed, though...not good.

    My husband is in the military and has been gone a lot over the years, so I feel like I can't afford to get sick, especially since I have kids. Sometimes it's just me around, so I need to be on top of my game.
  8. No. I'm a big baby when it comes to needles.:shame: Besides, I believe we can overdo it with antibodies. There are flu strains now that are immune because we overdo it. Give me germs! I love building up my own immunity!
  9. I was required to get them before when I worked in a nursing home. Since I have quit around 2 years ago, I still continue to get the flu shot simply because I have two young daughters.
  10. Since I take care of children and a lot of them are little ones, I do get flu shots. Not so much for myself-but, to protect them from getting anything from me.

    Lucky for me, one of the people I work for is a doctor and he gives me my shot in my own home for free!
  11. I have never had one.
  12. No, I think they just help promote the development of stronger viruses. When I first feel like I am coming down with something, I take a dose of Occillococcinum (a homeopathic flu remedy) and it usually kicks it before I even get really sick.
  13. Yeah, they offer them at my university for a couple bucks so why not? I hate needles but it's really only a tiny poke.
  14. Yes. I nearly died of influenza when I was 15. I rarely get sick or get colds when I get my flu shots. Elderly people and asthmatics should definitely get one every season.
  15. Usually I don't. The last one I got, I had a little reaction. But I do encourage the elderly, kids, and those with compromised immune systems to get them.