do you get compliments on your diamond studs?

  1. I recently got diamond studs from Whiteflash (who have been wonderful BTW). I started out looking at 1ctw and decided that wasn't big enough so I got 80 points each ear. When looking at earrings in the stores, this size was substantially bigger than the 50 points each ear I had started out looking at and I thought I'd be quite happy with them and maybe never want an upgrade. In order to get the bigger size, I went down to K in color. They are well cut and clarity is good. But I am a bit disappointed that no one has commented on them. A couple of friends who knew I was shopping for them did say something like "Oh nice!" but no one has noticed on their own. I know diamond earrings are a basic and many people (including guys) are wearing them nowadays in all sizes, and qualities and some CZs. But I'm kind of wondering if by going down in color, my earrings are not popping against my fair skin. I'm almost tempted to go to a jewelry store and try on some whiter ones to see if there is much difference. But when I was shopping, I looked at different colored stores and didn't seem to be color sensitive. Am I just being horriby neurotic?
  2. Honestly, I think diamond/CZ are so common on both male and female that it is not exactly a unique phenomenon to see. I think that if it was something else, then possibly you might get more compliments. I'm sure they are lovely and you really like them, but I don't think many people will complement for the fact that people wear them all the time and is is very common. Besides, your opinion is the only one that matters. If you love them, then who cares if others complement? Enjoy them and wear them in good health. I'm sure they are beautiful!
  3. hmm.. to my knowledge no1 really looks at ears lol!!!

    i got compliments on my rings but never ears.. i mean looking at someones ears seems a bit icky.. .80 are pretty big tho but i never look at ears.. just necks and rings.. so dont feel bad.. its just not a common place to stare at =)
  4. Diamond studs are staples to most people, but imo there's nothing artistic or interesting about them. I wouldn't even think to compliment someone on studs. They're so basic. All that matters is that you like your earrings.
  5. no, my close friends know i have diamond studs...but nobody ever said anything about them (other than close friends and family). i wear moissanite now, just because i am afraid of losing my diamonds.

    once in a while i get comments, but so many people wear diamond and cz studs...i don't think the average person can tell the difference.

    Nobody has ever complimented either of my Cartier watches, i get more compliments on my cheap one.

    Wear what makes you happy, the enjoyment comes from knowing what it means to you.
  6. I agree.
  7. I wear my diamond studs almost every day and I never get compliments on them.

    Hopefully for my birthday this spring, my DH will get me larger ones (I'd like 1 ct. for each ear). Then, perhaps they'll attract more attention.
  8. Neither do I when I wear my diamond studs. :sad: I agree with the other posters. People notice rings, bracelets, and necklaces but not earrings. However, when I wear my knock-out dangling costume jewelry, then I get many compliments, especially the Chanel ones....because they are unique and people don't see them often. People tend to compliment things that are unique and pretty.....and diamond studs are not unique. They also show interest in my dangling skeleton earrings I worn during Halloween. :p Sorry, just to prove my point.
  9. I actually gave up diamond studs and refuse to wear any pair now. No point since my hair is long and always down.

    This is what i think:

    Fingers get noticed because they move around and normally get noticed because they hand out the money.. aka paying for stuff

    Necklaces get noticed because well they are near the boobs lol and well everyone looks at those.. plus they are right under the persons face.

    Earrings are located at the side of the face and are just shiny rocks.. dangling ones may get more noticed.

    Conclusion.. if it moves, dangles or sways it catches peoples attention. Unless you can make your ears flap they wont get much attention
  10. I have received complements on my other jewelry like my Rolex and David Yurman pieces but not really on my diamond studs aside from my mother commenting that they look beautiful. I know exactly how you feel though, you just got a new piece of jewelry and people haven't complemented them on their own. I upgraded my studs to 1.78 ctw which is pretty big on my small lobes this summer and I felt simialar to the way you are feeling. My feeling is that diamond studs, even good sized ones, are such a staple or jewelry basic that they won't receive tons of compliments from people in general. I agree with everyone that people tend to comment on things that are a little more unique, unsual or very oversized for example, funky costume jewelry. I think studs exude an "understated" elegance even in large sizes because they are just so simple. It's how you feel about them that really matters anyway...I kinda think that diamond studs add a subtle sparkle to your overall look.
  11. Agreed.
  12. nope, never.

    I wear 2 pairs everyday and they're always clean and sparkling, the color is very good on both pairs and no one comments - one pair is 1cttw and the other pair is 2 cttw, so both are decent sized and I wear my hair up alot.
    I agree it's because studs aren't unique. . . they're more of a staple, a basic.
    I get most comments on my least expensive piece of fine jewelry, I get probably 2-3 compliments/week on this ring DH bought me when I had my twins:
  13. That ring is so beautiful, Swanky, as well as all your other jeweleries. :girlsigh:
  14. Goodness gracious, if that is the least expensive piece of fine jewelry Mr. Swanky has bought you, then you are a lucky woman!!!!
  15. Thanks for the reassuring feedback. You ladies are so kind.