Do you get comments on ur Spy?

  1. Hey Spy Ladies!

    I was just wondering:

    When you are out and about with your Spy do you get comments on it?

    If so, what kind of comments?

    Do you feel the Spy Bag is easily recognizable (to the general public)?

    I dont have one and I was interested in hearing people's thoughts. :P
  2. Not in Canada! SAs at the store are the only ones that make comments because they are the ones that sold it to me!:lol: Generally, I get weird looks because I think a lot of people don't know what they are around where I live.:sad:
  3. I get alot of comments, HOWEVER NO ONE knows what it is. lol...just WOW look at that bag, it gorgeous. Which works for me as they have no CLUE how much my metallic set me back, (now my Lv's forget...its like a $$$ symbol!) I adore my spy.
  4. Most of my friends know about the spy, so they coo.. at it.

    Yesterday I was walking home when a lady tapped me from behind and said, wow! what a beautiful bag! Where did you buy it?

    When I said "Fendi", she gave me a big smile, thanked me, and ran away quickly. Didn't even bother to ask the price!
  5. I get compliments every time I take out my Spy. Just today I had two ladies ogling it. They both complimented it. One asked me if I get compliments on it all the time.
  6. Mostly, just comments from SAs. Every now and then I hear a little whispering when I'm out but no one has ever stopped me and asked about it which suits me just fine........
  7. LOL she ran away! :lol:
  8. In San Francisco, ALL the time! I'll always get "love your bag" or "wow, beautiful spy bag" - lol!
  9. I don't think many people in my area even know what a Spy bag is!
  10. I get stares from girls all the time with my spy. One time, I remember I was standing in line for movie tix with my bf, and this girl stood RIGHT behind me and stared at my bag, so close that she could almost smell it! I had an overwhelmed urge to just ask her what she was looking at. But I guess she was probably trying to check out the leather to see if it was real! :rolleyes:
  11. The only time I got some serious ooh-ing and ahh-ing over my Spy was when I went to Chanel. Also one of the stylists at my salon was like "SHUT UP YOU HAVE A REAL ONE!!!" and I let her do a runway walk around the salon with it. It was cute.

  12. Same here, get compliments from people all the time....whether they know the bag or not. The ones who are NOT familar with the bag, can usually tell it costed a pretty penny.
  13. I was toting my brand new black spy, and this girl screamed 'Hey, she's got the same bag as me' reffering to her o-so-look-a-like 49 euros 'spy' that are all over Amsterdam now...I wanted to scream back 'yeah, might look like it, but I bet yours isn't Fendi, and you haven't paid 1400 euros for it'! I didn't of course, but it was rather stupid. My mom was laughing really loud, and the girl and her friends left...

    Later that day a woman came up to me asking where I got that bag from...when I told her, she said 'ow, so it's a high-end brand then?' I was like 'are you blind?!'

    Since the spy has been around for quite a while I thought many people actually knew it, but it seems like only the fashionistas know about this wonderful baby in the Netherlands. The Shoebaloo sa ( I bought it there in Amsterdam) said they had had a hard time even getting hold of them (they only had 4, which were sold out in less than a week) and that the hype was on the rise...As far as I can see now, most Dutch girls are toting look-a-likes...

    The strangest thing that happened to me so far was this chinese guy with a women's Balenciaga bag running towards me screaming 'where did you get this bag, I want it soooooooo bad!!!!!!!!' That was really crazy...

    (by the way, I'm new here, and loving it already!)
  14. Bwaaahahahaha! Cute story! Welcome to the Purse Forum!

    I had a Nordstrom male SA call out to me (when I set down my Honey Spy on the checkout counter) "Rock On, Girl!" :jammin:

  15. that is BY FAR the funniest visual I've gotten while at PF!!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: Thanks! And Welcome!