Do you get Buyers who change their minds??

  1. Gee, I know things could be worse esp since I never shipped the item, but this was my first transaction that wasn't fabulous. Here's my gripe....

    I listed a fairly expensive bag and quickly had a reputable buyer who asked me to waive shipping, end the item early and float payment for 4 days instead of the immediate payment I set for BIN. Sure, deal - I was happy to have a fellow bag-lover be my bag's new mom. I even waited all day Friday - Day 4 - for her payment so I could quickly send the bag out. Nada. Day 5 comes and she finally contacts me to say she didn't realize/read my bag was 2006 as she really wanted a 2005, and oh so sorry but could we end the transaction? Not only that, but she BIN'd a 2005 bag on Day 5 before contacting me. I see now her feedback left for sellers is riddled with "thanks for understanding...." :throwup: so I'm sure she pulls this with others - places emotional bids so her "dream bag doesn't get away" then continues to shop and does damage control later. :cursing: Gee, and I took those "thanks" for waiting for payment, like me. :noggin:

    I'm getting reimbursed - supposedly - but I'm more upset about how relisting an expensive item will look to potential buyers especially if they think it was one of those feedback-held-hostage scams. Is this fairly common - do buyers back out on you and ask for mutual withdrawal, and how do you deal with it? Has it affected your relisting success?

    Please share your stories :flowers:
  2. I have never dealt with that. I think people need to understand that ebay is not a layaway plan or a store that if you change your mind you can return it. If they want that, then they should go to the store. I think it happens with lots of ebay newbies. If someone wanted me to end an auction early, I would make them pay me first before ending the auction. Then they can't change their mind.
  3. Just relist it-nothing has changed. Block her as a bidder, have "buyer must pay immediately if using Buy It Now" and if anyone asks you if this is the same bag as your previous auction, say yes, relisted due to non-paying bidder, or auction not completed. It never left your hands and is yours to sell. I would suggest letting the auction run its course, whatever the outcome. That way both sides know the rules, and hopefully both sides wind up pleased-good luck!
  4. Blugenie - That sucks! I have never sold on ebay but I am typically reluctant to do business there because of all the whackjobs. Definitely block her as a bidder and I agree with pugsonpurses. Just let it run the course until you get the money. That way, you're not losing out in the event of a buyer like that.
  5. A legit buyer won't care about your previous transaction that didn't happen. If you're concerned about people knowing, say that the bag has been relisted due to a non-paying bidder. I see that all the time. Your bag won't be seen as "damaged goods" at all. And this time you won't have to waive shipping!
  6. You can always put a note in your auction thats its being relisted due to a deadbeat bidder, that way it will help any concern a new buyer may have if they saw that the bag was listed once before. I only had 1 bidder back out, similar situation to yours, I made her reimburse me for my listing fees or I was gonna leave her neg feedback. She did reimburse me. ebay suspended her recently I see. Its just a major inconvenience, and part of doing business on ebay. I also had one zero feedback bidder win a LV bag I was selling and she didnt realize she won it. I let her slide because she seemed very honest and sincere that she didnt know she won, yadda, yadda, yadda. She apologized for several days. We mutually ended the transaction and I did leave her pos feedback anyway. She was so sweet about the whole thing.
  7. Thanks for all your advice. She did reimburse me for fees today but I'm still so PO'd that she's so careless with people's time and efforts just to cover her own interests.

    I guess I won't worry about how it may impact my relisting and see how it goes. I have been lucky to have great experiences so far with my sales - all, like, 12 of them, LOL!