Do you Get Butterflies....


Feb 9, 2006
Just wanted to know if I'm the only one? I get butterflies when I know I'm going Coach shopping. I don't know why, maybe because its the one thing that I give to myself. I'm always giving to the Family or friends..It doesn't matter what it is either, keyfob,wristlet etc.As well as it doesn't matter if its the outlet or the Boutique. I just get excited.....:biggrin:
The first time I visited the coach outlet I was so excited that I had a stomach ache the entire way there. These last couple of weeks, I have been so excited with the anticipation of my outlet trip this friday that I have been dreaming of coach shopping. Last night I dreamed that I walked into the outlet and all they had were children's suitcases. Then the rest of the store looked like an airport shop with cheesy candles and other crap. I was so disappointed. That was possibly the worst dream I have ever had.
4 years ago, I was too intimidated to go into the Coach store. I had just moved to Chicago,working 2 jobs, had no money. I was scared they would smell the poor on me!! But after working hard, and getting frustrated with my cheap purses always wearing out on me, I made the jump, and I LOVE going in to Coach. Even just to browse. But I have a special/weird noise (kind of like a squeak I guess) I make when I get super-excited, and it gets made after I buy a new bag. My husband just laughs at me.
This is the main reason I am a Coach Addict, I get a major thrilled when I get anything Coach, small or large. Walking in to the FP Store makes me happy, the Sa's just love my joy. When I walk into the Outlet I am smiling and even when I am on Ebay or Bonanzle and I win a bid I am very happy... Yes I am an addict.
You know how when you first walk into Disneyland and you think, "I'm really here! This is so exciting!!" There's a plaque on the wall inside Disneyland when you first walk in that reads, ""Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy." Whenever I read that sign I get butterflies. Well I can liken that feeling to how I feel when I walk into the Coach outlet! Lately some of the butterflies feeling has gone, though. I am getting too used to Coach outlet shopping now and the newness of it is halfway wearing off. I mean I cannot compare Coach outlet shopping of today to Coach outlet shopping of early 2008 when I used to find whiskey Gigis, Leighs, other Legacy.
I definitely do. If I'm anticipating a trip in advance, I'll sometimes have dreams, especially if there is a specific item I'm hoping to score. In addition to the dreams, I find it very hard to sleep through the night on the day before my trip b/c I'm so excited.
Oh yah! I knew I was going to the outlet today, and I was already visually planning out my trip around the store. I have some returns and a $280 credit burning a hole in my pocket. No school today so I'll be there around 10 when they open~!