Do you get bored with the same exercise routine?

  1. I know I do. That's why I think having a variety in your workout makes it more fun to do and less likely you'll skip it. :girlsigh::boxing:biggrin:on't you think?
  2. Totally agree with you.
    Once people start getting bored they normally stop working out. It is important to change it up monthly or whenever you are bored. Keep working out!
  3. That is part of the reason I signed up with a personal trainer. I never know what he'll have me do!
  4. I dance almost everyday and take stretch and Pilates classes. Plus, on weekends and nice days I take one of my dogs on a two mile walk. We also have an elliptical machine, a treadmill and a recumbent bike so I feel fortunate that on the days that I don't go to the dance studio I can do my cardio at home and have different machines to choose from.
  5. I agree with you. There's only so far you can go on a treadmill.
  6. I've heard that you should be changing your work out at least every 4-6 weeks if you want to see results. That helps ensure that your body does not plateau and get used to your exercises.

    exotikittenx- That's great. How long have you been working with a personal trainer? What gym do you go to?
  7. I've been practically doing the same things for the past two yrs....i could use some suggestions! My cardio regime is getting real old.
  8. What do you do now? Maybe we H&F forum devotees can help :nuts:
  9. I would die to have a studio near by...
  10. Hello ladies! I'm venturing outside the bal forum- there's a whole wide world beyond balenciagas, I'm finding out! :p

    Anyways, I always worry that my routine is getting stagnant and I'm plateauing. But I have a membership terrific gym that offers an amazing variety of classes with excellent instructors, so taking classes has helped add more variety to my routine.

    when I joined my gym, I signed up for a couple sessions with a trainer, who helped establish a strength-training routine for me. I'd do that and cardio on the elliptical,which after a year straight, got old fast. Now I go to a muscle definition class which is almost as good as having a trainer (the instructor rocks!), I spin a few times a week, and do yoga. I mix this in w/my own cardio/strength-training routine. And I try to mix up the cardio too, so some days I might just use the elliptical, but other days I go for a run on the treadmill. And when the weather is nice I'll run outside, which totally trains you differently than running on a treadmill.

    But still, I think I could use more variety- I've thought about trying out a cardio kick-boxing class, but haven't gotten around to it. I hear that's a great workout! I tried pilates a while back, but it was a beginner class and wasn't vigorous enough for me.
  11. I: run 45 mins (3 times a week)
    bike 20 mins (3 times a week)
    Elliptical 30 mins (3 times a week)
    Stair climber thing 20 - 30 mins (3 times a week)

    -...yep thats it! I usually mix running with biking and i'll mix elliptical/bike/stair on alternate days. I'm getting bored. I've tried intervals...and doing different programs on the machines...still bored. I've also tried kick boxing classes and spinning...i found its really not worth my hour of time. And its super crowded.

    Any advice?!!? Thanks!!
  12. one more i doing too much cardio??? Sometimes i feel like that might be the main problem to why i'm bored with my routine.
  13. Yes I get bored with the routine. I tend to do a lot of the same....treadmill, some weights, some classes. I love the muscle class I take once a week because the teacher never does the same thing. She is so awesome and changes it all the time and we still do every muscle group. I wish I could hire her to work out with me every time I'm at the gym! I have started running on the treadmill and that is already so boring. I want to start running outside once I have proper shoes. That might be more interesting!
  14. I used to rent dvd's from the library every week to change what I was doing and keep things interesting. I will go back to doing this soon-along with using an elliptical for cardio:sweatdrop:
  15. Well, for me, I find my best cardio workout is through spin because the instructors push me waaay beyond my comfort level. And that's what I like about classes in general- they push me better than I can push myself. But yes, it's super annoying if the class is really crowded. I'm the opposite of you az, I'm always wondering how I can get more cardio in! But I find cardio gets so monotonous! I've read that you should get a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio a day, ideally 5-6 days of the week (although 3 days of the week also makes a big difference). I think workouts are all about balance, and it sounds like getting some strength training would be great for your workout! It'd also mix things up a bit and hopefully make it more interesting. If you can't access a trainer to get you started (proper form is sooo important to avoid injury and get the maximum benefits), then try some strength training classes- you should be able to pick up on some great tips and a good workout! But really, building muscle strength is important- helps to support proper form when you run or whatever, muscle mass burns more calories even during rest, keeps your bones's all good!