Do you get another bag in a color you have?

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  1. Just curious, do you ladies get a new bag in a color you already have? Or is there a certain number you don't go pass, like lets say 2 black bags?

    And do you make sure your new ____ colored bag matches your clothes first? I've been looking at the Annabelle in citrine but don't think it will match my stuff :sad: I don't wear a lot of black or white, but rather prints.
  2. I buy whatever bag I like! I don't have a limit on colors and I don't usually think about my clothing (although I should probably do that!)
  3. Yes and no.

    Yes I will buy a new bag in the same color I already have. I have a UV duffle and I ordered a penny in UV.

    And no I might be the minority but I don't buy a bag to match my clothes. Unless it's for a special occasion. I think a lot of colors go together beautifully and I use nature as my guide :smile:

    That being said if I go to wear it and it looks bad to my eyes I won't wear it.
  4. Yes! A small bag and a medium bag. I've done all 3 shades of brown (mahogany, cognac, camel) in 2 sizes each. Have 3 black bags: small, medium and fancy wristlet/clutch. I now have 2 blue bags: medium sophia and oversized travel tote.

    Yes! I make sure I have plenty to wear a new color with. I display the DD pic on the iPad and take it over to my closet to see what it will go with.

    However.... I don't really have any bright colors yet. The marine blue bleecker is the brightest bag I have. Thinking about yellow - take another look in your closet and you might find some things to wear with the citrine.
  5. I think that the more bags one has, the more likely there will be multiples of the same color bags and the same style bags also.

    I don't have a limit on any one color, have several black, brown, white bags, etc. I do try not to buy too many bags in bright/unusual colors because I probably won't get much use out of them, but if I love it I'll get it anyway and make it work.

    I don't wear clothing in some colors, and I won't buy a bag in those colors. EX. I don't wear green or orange, so no bags in those colors.
  6. I buy colors I like and don't worry about them matching my clothes. I try to not duplicate a color but I have 3 black bags, just because they were such great deals and such great bags. If there is a bag I want, I pick the yummiest color even if it is a color I already have.
  7. I bought 2 sunflower bags in a row. I don't limit myself really. If there's something I have to have, I buy it. I do think that you can have enough, or too many, neutrals. I'm not into neutrals because I like my bags to be the statement piece of my outfit and neutrals just don't cut it for me. I'm all for buying the same color but never the same bag but I'm just weird like that. :P
  8. Nah. I dont purcahse to match clothes. I try not to duplicate colors but i do duplicate bags. Lolololololol
  9. Well I could say yes since I own like 5 black bags at the moment. But I usually try to not get the same style so that way they are different even though the are all black, lol. Same goes for a style I really love. I could own 2 in different colors as long as I loved the style so for me its what I love.
  10. Oh yes. Especially when it is a color I LOVE! I have a couple black bags because, well, they're practical for all of my outfits, but I have 2 ultraviolet bags already from Legacy: the duffle & penny shoulder bag.
  11. I don't match bags with my clothes. I do buy duplicate colors. I have a fuschia lindsey and abigail.
  12. I do sort of "match" my bags to my clothes. I have a lot of neutrals I like to wear, so I make my colourful bags my one pop of color. But I also have some bright clothes, in which case I go with my black bags. I have a lot of black bags. Its the only color I buy many multiples in, but I do have 2 blue bags. I can see myself buying more blue bags since I see it as a sort of neutral.

    Colors like yellow and orange are more versatile than you would initially think, especially in the more muted tones. That's why I prefer the saffron yellow to the citrine yellow. BUT I can still see citrine being very versatile, as long as you don't pair it with too many other bright colors.
  13. I buy all colors....most colors in this day and age are's hard to "mess up" a color bag with the "wrong" color clothes!
  14. Indeed u havent met cz22 , the purple princess.
    Try searching her thread and u will find the city of purple!
  15. I buy multi of the same color but in different styles... I really don't have a color bag I would not buy.. and it's very rare that I match my bag to my cloths....!