Do you get annoyed when people say knockoffs look the same as designers?

  1. I don't mean replicas, but let me give an example.

    I believe that Jessica Simpson put out her own line of shoes with red bottoms, and lots of people would say OH they look JUST like CLs.

    Also, the people that say "oh they have the same thing at Target, it looks just like it".

    Are these people blind?

    Perhaps some people have an eye for things...and others don't...

    I realize that you are paying in part for the name brand, but you are also paying for extraordinary quality.

    I guess that's what divides us here at the Purse Forum from the rest of the world.
  2. It doesn't bother me at all. Some people just don't care about designer stuff. More power to them.
  3. ITA. I'd say the majority if the population is just oblivious. I RAN up to this lady carrying a birkin today and she laughed saying no around here knows what it is. LOL
  4. This doesn't bother me either. In lots of cases people are right. Too, a lot of people aren't into labels and whatnot, and they don't pay attention to detail.
  5. I figure there are much bigger things to get uptight about than knock-offs in Target! As long as things don't falsely carry a designer's name (in which case it is technically illegal), EVERY store and every designer copies from other designers. After all, it is the designers who decide what will be "hot" every year. Is it coicidence that they all do boho chic or 60-inspired mod at the same time? Probably not. They all borrow from one another and the discount stores in turn borrow from the designers.

    Most people probably couldn't identify the designer a look was inspired by, anyway. It just isn't a big deal. I carry the bags I carry and wear the clothes and shoes I wear because I love them, not for others to covet. If they are happy with the same look from H&M or Target, more power to them.
  6. Doesn't bother me.

    I just then believe that this person has lived a very sheltered and unfashionable life. and thats a turn off.
  7. Only if they KNOW it's a copy of another designer's work. For ex: Oh Deer shoes and Christian Louboutins..
  8. No one has actually made this comment to me... so no... :nogood:
  9. I don't mind people feeling this way-- that's their own choice. I actually kind of feel a little sad for them that they can't notice the different in terms of quality, design, and craftsmanship, etc., but if they're happy to buy cheaper things and knockoffs and they're okay with that then it's okay with me.

    However. I get very annoyed when someone makes a note of something I'm wearing or am buying, my bag/jeans/boots/etc., and starts babbling on about how expensive the "real" brand is and how crazy I am to spend that sort of money on "just clothes"... That really irks me.

    They're entitled to their opinion, but not to slag off my spending choices.
  10. It doesn't bother me. I honestly think most people don't even know anything but the knock off. For instance, in the city I live in I have NEVER seen anyone wearing Louboutins that I can think of besides myself. We have a Saks and maybe a couple tiny boutiques that sell high end stuff, but most people here shop at Dillard's, Gap, the Limited, Target, Wal-Mart, whatever. I really could care less what other people think. To each his own, whatever makes you happy.
  11. I don't like it when people just moralizing that fakes are "better" because they are cheaper. Luckily, most of my friends don't care about clothes or love fashion (and shop at designer stores) so it's not the people I encounter most often who do this.
  12. I actually like Oh Deers. I guess I figure if CL hasn't sued for copyright or trademark infringement, it's not illegal or immoral for me to buy them. Don't get me wrong, I also love CLs. But there are times that I just don't want to wear $700 shoes. Oprah wears and advertises both, so why can't we?

    I was in H&M the other day and was amazed at some of their bags. They obviously weren't of the same quality as the bags that I normally love, but they were pretty darn cute! I started wondering if I should mix in some $30 bags with my $500 and $1,000 bags. The H&M bags weren't leather, but looked and felt like it. A couple of times, I actually checked the tag inside to make sure. I don't know how well they would hold up, either. But I have a Fendi that has been out of the house maybe 5 times. Why not buy a $30 bag to wear that few times, and spend big $$$ on bags that I will use a lot? There was a black patent bag that I almost bought, and still may. Black patent wouldn't be an every day bag for me, but I would get lots more use out of it than I do out of my ivory Fendi or my brown signature Gucci. And even more importantly, when I'm tired of it, I wouldn't have such a hard time getting rid of it as I do with my expensive bags.
  13. The red sole is now a CL trademark. It was not before, so I'm guessing that's why so many brands designed shoes with red soles. If you look at some Oh Deer styles, they are clearly copies of CLs. The sole color is another matter. I don't feel like the red sole is such a big deal..but when you copy styles so they are almost identical..that's not right. :nogood:
  14. Knockoffs don't bother me because I don't wear them.
  15. I entirely agree; most people are not that fashion conscious and probably don't know anything about the original - let alone the price...!
    Regina :smile: