Do you get alot of comments on your bag?

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  1. I was at the Dr.s office this Am, and as I was stepping on the scale, I put my signature ergo tote on a chair next to the scale (its heavy lol) and I hear one of the nurses say, OMG check out her her huge coach bag to another nurse. There were a few of them behind the station, and this one nurse comes closer to inspect and says, Oh that's an ergo, right? She says, i love that bag, I am SO obsessed w/purses! All the nurses say, she is the official purse lady around here! She knows EVERYTHING about purses (something to that effect)! I start to wonder if perhaps she is a member of TPF?? haha didn't ask though!
    Then I start chatting w/the nurse attending to me telling her how OBSESSED i've become too blah blah! It was too funny! No one ever comes up to me and asks about my handbags. I only catch people eyeing them from afar!
  2. LOL.. a girl behind the counter at Panera complimented me the other day on my Lily.
  3. I get it sometimes - usually from someone that loves COACH.
  4. Sometimes.. it just depends on where I am and what bag I am wearing. :yes:
  5. I was getting my feet done the other day and I had my Large Scribble hobo on the next chair and she said , "You're purse is soooo cute!" lol. I said thanks!
  6. Not very often, but occasionally. When I went in the COACH store saturday with my ink lg bleeker duffel, I got lots of comments from the SA's. :lol:
  7. I do get comments and compliments almost every time I'm out. But around here mostly people carry the signature bags or other brands like LV, and I don't think many recognize the leather bags I carry, so they will sometimes ask me what brand it is and where I got it. I even had a Coach SA ask me what brand my (Coach) bag was once, lol! I've had a TON of compliments on the Bridgits, my Lily, and Abbeys. I never go out that I do not receive at least one compliment on these bags. Coach always compliments and asked about the bags because they are trained to do so, so I'm never really sure if they really like the bags I'm carrying, or it's out of training and courtesy.

    As for comments, I'm frequently asked questions in stores like TJ Maxx because they think I work there (since I'm usually draped in handbags I carry around till I make up mind, lol). Sometimes they pick my brain, but I don't think I've yet come face to face with a tPF member (at least we didn't recognize each other if we did, lol!).
  8. I also always get compliments from the SAs and I never know if they are genuine or not! I've had a few compliments on Ali, a few on Abbey and at least one on my black sig studded gallery tote.
  9. The SA in my area drool over my blk medium lily. They never got them in the store, you had to order them. Anything legacy they go nuts.
  10. A coach SA asked you what brand your coach was? Now thats funny!
  11. The balenciaga's I've owned never got a conversation, probably b/c of the non-logo leather...the LV's I've owned got a few conversations- one in Benihana in Anchorage- my black MC Ursula- the waiter was completely smitten by the bag's size! lol!!! He said he wanted one for his mom- aww!

    And once- my decked out LV Azur 30 with a LVOE bandeau and pomme speedy inclusion got a conversation going.

    My Coach bags....not really b/c around here they are dime a dozen.
  12. I always get compliments on my 06 Coach signature gallery tote from Coach SAs when I'm in the store or outlet. Also, my aunt always drools over my bags too; she's obsessed with Coach bags too! :tup: Other than that, that's about it. Most of my friends and relatives aren't into purses. And where I live, most women carry LV or other brand names.
  13. I get compliments on French Blue Bal Day bag the most - they're not so common and it's an amazing blue - it almost always has a Coach charm on it though. I probably get the most compliments on my silver satin/leather Coach evening bag - it's really adorable and not that many people have them - people also love my Green Bleeker Flap bag.
  14. When I got my Turq. Carly a week later I went to the outlet and all tha SA's were seriously drooling over her!!! One the Sa's took doen the style # so that she could order her too!!!
  15. Yes and I have to admit that I love it.