Do you get a box with larger items?

  1. I bought another Bastille today:yahoo: . Got rid of my old one (looong story!). Because the old one was given to me, I didn't get a box, but when I bought a new one today it didn't come with a box either. Is that usual or should I go back and ask for one?
  2. Go back and ask for one! Some stores will not give you the box unless you ask. I would call your sales associate and tell them you wanted a box...they should give you one...if they give you any problems ask for the manager.
    I have learned that when they walk in back with the bag I make sure to ask for the dustbag, lock/keys (if applicable to that bag), and a box.
  3. I use to not get a box before when I purchased my bags, but when I purchased my Duomo recently, it came in a box. So, I'm not too sure.

    My boyfriend has the Bastille too, and when we purchased it, it didn't come with a box either.
  4. I asked for a box and they said that my bag was too big for a box...
  5. DEMAND for one:biggrin: They can't reject ya unless they seriously have NONE left...
  6. Definately ask for a box! I didn't start receiving boxes until now too, and I never EVER knew that Vuitton had boxes!! So now I have 4 boxless bags... :Push:
  7. i always ask for boxes for my bags. anyway, the boxes are good for other storages ~
  8. When I bought my Mini Pleaty recently, they gave me a box. You could always go back and ask for one (be sure to bring your receipt)

  9. I know what you mean! I can't believe they hold out like that! I never knew about boxes until I came to this site (less than 2 wks ago!).
  10. yep, yep! now i ask for a box whenever i purchase a bag from them!!

    Welcome to the forum!! :smile:
  11. i tried about four times asking the same SA for a box for my papillon, and the answer is always the same.. we havent got one yet.. dont know if she was lying or not... why would she lie though? i think LV is just too stingy.. =)
  12. What is up with these SA... You are supposed to get a box with your purchase. I value my collection of boxes as much as my handbags!!:heart:
  13. Definitely ask for a box.
  14. Thanks! I sure asked for my box tonite!!!! Just got the Manhattan PM!! (Will post pix later) The box itself took me away ! Hell, the ribbony thingy impressed me too ! LOL

    BTW, I have a pomeranian too!!
  15. Just a few months ago I got a box with my Pegase 60 suitcase! So you are definitely entitled to a box, and there certainly one that is big enough.
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