do you gals want your boyfriend to be fashion-addict & shopaholic?

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  1. i guess most of d ppl here r fashion or at least bag-addict...
    i'm just curious..
    do u want ur mate to have the same addiction as yours?

    i sometimes wish my boyfriend can be more fashion conscious n shopaholic so we can shop happily n talk bout fashion together... :oh:
  2. I whish my hubby was a little more fashion conscious. I would like to be able to talk to him about fashion. In that sense my husband is kind of boring--he doesn't care about clothes or purses. When he sees me with a new outfit--all he thinks about what I spend on in instead of complementing me. Forget about me buying an expansive bag. I just bought a new LV alma and he can't stop talking about how senseless it is to pay so much money for a purse.

    I don't want him to be a shopaholic, but I would love for him to understand that I want the finer things in life. Is not all about saving--you have to live a little.
  3. No, that would have consequences for my own shopping habits :P I enjoy shopping for him though ;) And being his stylist, so much fun :biggrin:
  4. i wish he was more open to different kinds of clothing, but i don't want him to be a big shopper. i like him how he is, he keeps me reasonable and grounded, he is the yin to my yang :smile:
  5. thx 4 d reply ^^

    swedie, i guess that really makes sense lol.. :P,

    naturale, my boyfriend used to be like ur hubby, he often complains about my shopping habit, but as time goes by, he never say a thing bout it anymore *but still he personally wont shop like me*. maybe he's starting to understand.. or maybe he's just tired trying to change my mind :P...
  6. Nah, I'd rather share my shopping obsession with my girlfriends. I wish he wouldn't complain about the money, though :P
  7. No, I love him just the way he is. Plus theres only room for one Diva. LOL
  8. No, I don't. I'd rather shop alone or with my girlfriends.
  9. actually im glad he isnt like the rest of u i prefer to shop bymyself..pls he already has one addiction and that is his
  10. I'd love a man who shared my passions, except my passion for men of course :biggrin: Its totally sexy when a man knows bags.
  11. nah, i don't like it when guys are too much into fashion. that's my thing :smile:
    i think it would be weird if i walked down the street with aguy and he suddenly turns to me and says "oh my god did you see that birkin? that color was fab!"
  12. my husband is totally a fashionisto, shopaholic. Worse than me. His shoe collection rivals mine. His obsession for a while was pipe collecting. He started smoking a pipe a few years ago and just got very into it. He owns about 300. Being a drummer, he also collects alot of drum kits which makes me wish he had taken up the flute instead.
  13. OMG! If my husband was anything like me we would be broke! I just wish that he could appreciate my passion for handbags and shoes, but the shopping addiction belongs to me alone in my family (thank goodness)
  14. Hell NO! If he knew anything about fashion or designers he wouldnt fall for the old it only cost $200 when it really cost $1200.

  15. My husband does not know LV from Marc Jacobs. He simply doesn't get it at all. At least he lets me do my thing.