Do you gals think i should get a GST at THIS price ?

  1. I have been wanting to get a GST for quite a while, finally I have enough fund to get one now :yes: however, if I order one from NM or Chanel boutique in the US, its very likely that I will get taxed at 7% duty rate and then 12.5% Goods tax here in New Zealand :sweatdrop: so that makes the price for GST for me around $2275 :nuts:
    i don't know how much tax you gals have to pay in the US but here its pretty heavy.....i have thought about other ways to get a GST, unfortunately in Taiwan they don't stock GST for quite a while because the tote style is not that popular there....and in Shanghai they only ever stock the ones with gold chains...(i am after silve chain) i am just not sure what to do now !!
  2. Gee...the tax really adds up:sad:....I don't know what to suggest........ladies any thoughts on this??????:confused1:
  3. Humm that's a tough one. I wonder if they would charge you tax if you ordered from Saks in Portland Oregon?
  4. it doesn't matter where i order it from, its when the item arrives in NZ if the Customs ppl happen to check my parcel they will tax me accorrding to the value declared by whoever sends the item. So.....unless i am extremly lucky, its very possible that I will need to pay that MUCH for a GST :sweatdrop:
  5. If you really love it, I would go for it. :smile: At least you know with Chanel, the price increases are more dramatic than other brands AND the depreciation is much less so you're not getting as ripped off as when buying other brands, if that makes sense.
  6. I actually think that the GST is a good value - that is compared with other Chanel bags. It is a good size - involving a substantial amount of leather, fair amount of hardware, detailed interior. For the money, it is also very versatile - day into evening. If you love it and will use it, I say go for it!
  7. I would, by the time we pay tax it would be worth it for you., I saw the GST in white with silver at Saks in Miami is one good looking handbag!!!:heart:H
  8. my i really want one heheheh.........i hope my DH will understand why i want one now :p got to explain to him that there's a price increase coming soon....
  9. can your Chanel boutique get one for you?
  10. there are no chanel boutiques in this place :push:
    I would order it from NM in the States !
  11. i recommend you getting the GST from Saks new york or portland during the egc event as they don't charge tax plus you get a gift card.. and even if you have to pay tax in nz it is a little bit cheaper.. 2nd option is getting it on eBay from a trusted seller and have them write a cheaper value on the declaration form.. 3rd option is (if you have a friend in the US) having your friend bring it back to you in nz.. hope that helps..
  12. How about come to AUS to get the GST? Its only a few hours fly away, plus you get your 10% tax back.:graucho:
  13. hehehe.....maybe that is a good idea ...maybe i should ring the chanel boutique in Sydney and Melbourne tomorrow :graucho:
  14. :tup:
  15. the price quoted from NM of $1895 is that including tax in US ? its a shame that i don't have any friends in the US:crybaby: