Do you fondue?

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  1. I got a fondue set the other day-i have always wanted one-they just seem like fun!

    So, the one i got says it is a meat fondue set. I am not that interested in doing meat fondue-more cheese and chocolate ones. i am assuming I can use this set for that.

    Anyway-are there fondue recipes or do i just stick some cheese or chocolate in there and have at it?
  2. We have one somewhere - we used it a couple of times when we had people over but it was a big PIA to clean so we never use it now. They have recipes - some are really good some so-so. We only did cheese fondue but my MIL has done chocolate a couple of times & that was good too.
  3. I've done just chocolate, and it's the best! :drool: Hopefully, some other tpf'ers will post recipes. I'd like to try some!
  4. I loooove fondue, but I like Raclette better ;)

    I like the fondue that has gruyere cheese, wine and some seasoning with bread. I also love chocolate fondue with fruit!
  5. I love going out to the Melting Pot. Fondue is delicious :biggrin:
  6. If you google 'fondue recipes' you will find a whole plethora of different things to do.
  7. You might have trouble using a meat pot for chocolate and/or cheese because it's a steel/aluminum container versus a stoneware insert. The cheese and chocolate will get too hot and it's REALLY hard to turn the heat down low enough. Is then one you got an electric one or a candle (gel burner) one?

    I got a set a few years back that had the metal pan and a stoneware insert, plus a revolving tray for dips. I picked up another stoneware insert so that I can do cheese and chocolate in the same meal.

    We don't use ours often, but we use it for our New Year's Eve celebration. So far we've only done cheese and chocolate, but I think we are going to do the whole meal this year - we'll see. It's a lot of fun for when you have a lot of time to eat and want something to "do" while chatting. I personally think fondue is the PERFECT date meal because at restaurants, it takes 2 hours or so for the entire meal - so much fun and it can be very romantic!
  8. Love fondue. If you do cheese, make sure you grate the cheese first and add in small increments and stir to blend thoroughly.

  9. OK-so, you are saying I will not be able to do chocolate and cheese in this thing? Darn it! Can I buy an insert like you are talking about?

    Oh-the one I have is a candle/gel burner one
  10. I love fondue but have only had it at restaurants. One of my favorite things!
  11. we're fondue-ing it tonight! Mmm.
  12. I wouldn't try it. The heat will be too hard to control and keep low enough, you might end up with more burnt on the bottom than melted. The ceramic pot keeps the heat even across the pot. You should be able to find an insert. Mine came with both.

    We use smaller pots for chocolate, 1 per couple and use tea lights for heat. They can be bought for around $10, try Linens & Things ot Target?

    Don't write off the metal pot though. You don't need to use oil, broth works fab too. You can cook meat and/or veggies, and they come out great!
  13. I loooooooooove fondue. I have only tried cheese and chocolate. Hope to try steak fondue sometime. However, my cheese fondue never turns out how I imagine...oh well.
  14. i've done the chocolate fondue a few times. its so good! we dipped marshmallows, rice krispy treats, bananas, etc. in it. i still haven't done the cheese at home but i cant wait to try.
  15. We have decided this year for New Year's Eve that we are going to let our 11 year old have a New Year's Eve party and we'll do fondue! I think I'll actually do some dips if we make the full meal. I think the kids (11 and 12 year olds) will have a BLAST!!! And, it's not too bad for you either. With cheese we do, Whole grain bread, broccoli, Cauliflower, peppers, apples and I forget what else. With chocolate we do pound cake, pineapple, apples, strawberries and bananas... SO much fun! It better be because this is a pretty big thing to store for using just once a year! LOL