do you follow complete skincare regime or adding this new double cleansing method?

  1. Do you guys use the double cleansing even when you don't put on any make up ?double cleansing ...

    1. cleansing oil or cleansing milk to remove the make ups
    2. cleansing foam

    Or follow this
    Complete skincare regime:
    - cleanser, toner, moisturizer, scrub, mask
  2. Daily I just use cleanser and then moisterizer. Once a week exfoliator. This works for me.
  3. who has time for the complete regimen?! i wash and moisturize everyday and exfoliate and do masks on weekends
  4. I'm going to edit this as I think I should clarify.

    Daily: wash, tone, specialty products, moisturizer, primer w/sunscreen. Nightime, the same but minus the primer.

    Weekly: exfoliate and use masks.
  5. If you are using a liquid toner/exfoliator you can do this daily, but you should only do a scrub or mask 1 no more than 2xs a week.
  6. i dont bother with toner, specialty products, or primer. i find the more i fuss with my face, the worse off i am. my skins super sensative
  7. exfoliate and mask about once a week (when i remeber)

    and morning: wash, tone, moisterize

    night: wash, tone, sleep

    When I wear makeup I use the makeup removing wipes and then continue my routine. So I do both
  8. Cleanse, tone , moisturise each day and night

    I have a question how dirty are your removal pads aftyer you cleanse mine are flithy and I can't understand how they are so dirty everytime.

    I use la mer
  9. Cleanse, tone and moisturize each night. Sometimes if I'm really tired I'll use facial cleansing wipes.
  10. I just cleanse and use moisturizer. I have never understood what toner did. The pads for me are never dirty. I don't use an exfoliating products per se, but do wash w/ a washcloth lightly every now and again. I read that does the same thing w/out abrasives somewhere, I think.