Do you follow a particular LV spending regimen (for the lack of a better word)?

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  1. How do you girls and boys decide on when your next LV purchase will be (since they are relatively pricey items)?

    A. Do you buy an item on the spot as you know you absolutely must have it (without much concern about your finances as you are financially secure)?
    B. Do you wait for several months until your next purchase (so your buyer's remorse wears off from a previous item you purchased), which will allow you time to save up and decide on which item you would like to purchase next?
    C. Do you save up a percentage of your paychecks and then promptly reward yourself with a LV piece (or whatever it is you are craving at the moment)?
    D. Or do you follow another regimen, for the lack of a better word?

    With me, I save up a percentage of my paycheck each month, putting it towards an item I have been salivating over. This works the best for me, so 1. I feel my hard work has paid off. and 2. I don't go into credit card debt over handbags as I am still in college.
  2. If there is something great coming out I usually warn my husband a month or two before it comes out if it is a big purchase. Impulse buying really isn't my thing, i usually have a plan when I go to th LV store.....& that plan usually gets shot to he:devil: after I see all the pretty shiney bags on display..
  3. Probably B - I've got to watch the budget pretty carefully !
  4. I usually save up and then buy. But from time to time it's sheer inpulse and I put it on the CC's :smile:
  5. For me...

    I have set my limits at around 1000 per bag. Most of my bags are much lesser in price. Then its only 2-3 per year at most. I save or use the "money gifts" I get on occasions......I want to win the lotto....:shame:

    And I have to think long and hard about the purchase for function, form and style. I want it to really last and be practical too for my activities. For me, its really not a impulse buy. At least for the LV b/c of the price.
  6. Save up and buy. Right now, that Rabbit Scarf for $1,030 is looking mighty good right about now!!! Too bad it doesn't get that cold in TX!!! :crybaby:
  7. I am an impulsive buyer, so I would go with A!:nuts:
  8. Umm... I definately impulse buy, UNFORTUNATELY!

    My limit is $2K per bag. Even tho we are very financially secure I just can't see spending more on one bag. I have thought of purchasing a Hermes handbag tho. I am awful tho because I tend to only carry my handbags for a short time and store them away afterward. I never purchase from any place except LV or elux. (I would from Saks, etc but I love my SA) I NEVER sell them but I have, on occasion, given them to friends when I am certain I will never use it again. Sometimes I do find a bag that is just great for all the time. I think my new mini lin speedy is that type of bag.
  9. A,b,c&d
  10. My answer is D. I use my investment income to purchase LV bags.
  11. I put $20-40 a week away for LV or any other thing I'm really wanting. Once I reach the amount I need, I go and get the item(s)!

  12. I'm definitely a B.

    I want to limit myself to 2 bags a year (I've only started my LV purchasing in June this year, and I've already reached my 2 a year limit.... hmmm...might have to re-think that).
  13. I think I am B but once in awhile I become an impulse shopper. That scares me when that happens because I'm not so financially set that I can just drop $1000-$2000 when I feel like it. I need to be careful.
  14. I'm a fairly impulsive buyer, and if I really feel strongly about an item, I will purchase it. Not the ideal answer, but honest :o)
  15. I have a budget which I track on a spreadsheet just for my LV purchases (call me crazy but it curbs my spending and is very effective). Once I exceed that amt, I try and sell something else I have not been using. I am a user, not a collector and don't like things to just sit in my closet except when it comes to jewelry which I can give to my daughter.