Do you flight with first, business, or coach when you bring your LV luggage?

  1. I always want to get a LV luggage, and would like to start with a keepall. I don’t travel a lot, maybe 2-3 times a year, both domestic or international. Here is my dilemma: When I travel with my own leisure, I usually flight with coach, so I feel kind of too stand-out by bring my LV luggage while sitting in the coach seat. Is that just me? Do you flight coach with your LV luggage?

    Another question, for the keepall, what other occasion does everyone use besides traveling?
  2. I have the Eole and also carry an LV purse, and I usually fly coach. I do feel a little conspicuous, but I'm too cheap to buy a high-class ticket and too stingy to pay for an upgrade with miles. My luxury is bags, not flights :smile:
  3. I just returned from a trip and was soooo glad I didn't bring my LV luggage. Not because of where I was sitting, but because other people will ruin your bags!!! Security, conveyors, et all I wouldn't even bring one as a carryon cuz there are also all those messy people who will bump you and spill their food/drink on your lovely bag! No matter how hard you try to keep them safe, someone will be touching your bag!!!

    Keepall is a great duffel for keeping in the back of your own clean car when travelling - thats it IMHO
  4. I have all sorts of designer bags I use while traveling in any class- be it First Class to Hawaii or economy on a turboprop to Idaho. Doesn't really matter either way to me, though I do find you have more overhead space in FC by default (fewer people= more storage space).
  5. I fly with my keepall in coach. I dont understand why someone would pay $12,000 a person to fly first class on a flight for 8 hours, IMO...
  6. i've used my keepall while flying coach to Disney World, hawaii, Philly - all for vacations and not for business. I love using my $1000 bag for my $200 flights.. lolz. Other than flying... i've used my keepall for our w/e road trips.
  7. I think people who can afford $12k for a trip like that aren't the type to care about such a cost.

    Btw, does "coach" mean economy? Please excuse my ignorance! To me, coach means a bus. :shame:
  8. Coach;

    - economy class on a flight
    - a bus
    - person to encourage you in things like sports, or life (life coaches !!)
    - an American leather goods company

  9. Yep- in the US coach= economy, same as how US domestic First Class is the same as short-haul/domestic Business Class elsewhere.
  10. Thanks Ayla and ValleyO! :flowers:
  11. i would just stick w my COACH - and enjoy some new LV - maybe to replace the damage one if it is damage throughout the trip---rather than 12K ticket
  12. Level 1...class... $
    Level 2...Business class...? $$
    Level 3...First class $$$


    i 2 class...once...GOOD!!! more...LOL if you think of's...

    Level 1 Class...+ *1 Keepall 45*(LV...etc lol) ???


    Leve 2 Class

    i like...Level 1 class...+ shopping in

    i remember...i was on the plane...and i times...

    "oh! lol...i could have bought a LV ring...or...bag...if i went on Level 1 class."

  13. 12K...= $12 000...???


    12 K !?!?

  14. 12K=12,000 :yes: Thats the average price for a round trip from New York to London on British Airways...
  15. Yep :yes: If you've ever priced an int'l First Class ticket it can easily exceed five figures, esp. if you're crossing an ocean (i.e. NY to London, SF to Singapore, etc.)