Do You Find Yourself Talking, Irl, The Way You Do Here On This Forum?

  1. lol I find myself saying things at work like "tee hee" and "LOL" when something's funny, and definitely To Die For when something's gorgeous and irresistible,
    and referring to customers' Chanel bags (and other brands as well) as "she", like "She is gorgeous, Where did you get her?"

    If they don't lool at me like i'm nuts, I know they're prob another PFer! :p

  2. As I literally say.... "LMAO"...

    ahh that is great...i thought I was the only one...

    scary thing is I have gotten my fiance to actually respond to me!!!!!!
  3. lol you're not the only one! im the same...when i type LOL, trust me, im laugh out louding. LOL
  4. I usually type LOL. Well, I'm a long time chatter anyway, so it doesn't really bothers.. :biggrin:
  5. Oh i always thought that TDF is Totally Damn Fabulous, hehe, i didnt know that it is To Die For..

    plus, does anybody can help what is tee hee means and how to pronounce it, hehe... i couldnt figure it out :shame:

    OT, i think i overuse TDF on daily conversation, but my TDF refer to Totally Damn Fabulous:biggrin:
  6. hehe=tee hee..sort of same meaning LOL am i making any sense
  7. always wondered what lmao is???
  8. LMAO is laughing my as* off =)
  9. ahhhhh, makes a lot more sense now, thank you.
  10. laughing my ass off :wlae:
  11. Oops, I hate it when I'm "late"...LOL ;)
  12. I find myself talking about purses too much IRL and noticing Chanels on the streets. I think my husband thinks I'm fixated.
  13. I use abbreviated and 'online' terms quite a bit too- my hubby just looks at me like I am nuts! LOL!!!!
  14. OH good I am not the only one who does this!

    Ya know what else I do? I"ll be driving and I'll see a white car and I'll instantly think "white caviar bag".....or when I saw a pink shirt my niece was wearing I thought "oh that reminds me of the color of a blush flap".....:rolleyes:
  15. :yes: :p :smile: Hmm - not in conversation - but when I am writing emails I NEED my emoticons!! Regular email is so blah without them.:rolleyes: :roflmfao: :supacool: