Do you find yourself shopping for outfits to go with your LV?

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  1. Or do you buy purses to match what you have? Silly question I know...I just wanted to post a fun thread....

    although I think due to my roses speedy I need to find something appropriate to wear with it! and that is what brought me to post this!
  2. Definitely! Im always buying clothes to match my fave bags lol.
  3. No doubt! When I got my orange perfo this summer that was like my must have color
  4. When I was just into the classic mono, I didn't have to worry about it much. However, I started doing that when I bought my Shimmer Halo. I actually have a few things that work well with it, but I started buying clothes that really brings out the beauty of this bag.
  5. not so much...i am not matchy so I just wear whatever bag I am feeling at the time..but I can see why you would want to build outfits around that gorgy roses bag!!!
  6. I can relate. I hardly buy pink outfits but I started looking and buying more pinks after I bought my White WC Speedy and WC Papillon.
  7. Guilty... I have to purchase at least 1 - 2 tops that either match or coordinate with the color of my new LV bag .
  8. so what do you all think would be nice tops to sport the rose speedy?
  9. ^^ I think the roses require a neutral top ...and I can't say I shop for clothes based on my LV's:smile:
  10. I wear whatever with my bags, especially if I'm too lazy to switch. But sometimes I envision a certain bag if I see an awesome top or outfit, like the Mancrazy or something.

    With the Roses, neutral is good with red shoes.
  11. I dont only shop for outfits to go with my LV, I designed and decorated my living room with the Perforated Monogram Speedy - Green in mind:smile:
  12. Absolutely!
  13. guilty. i've actually bought outfits to wear when i go to try on bags i have in mind. so when i went to buy my roses NF, i wore very neutral stuff (jeans, white shirt, black jacket).
  14. i am guilty, too i am looking for an outfit or two, and especially shoes, to go with the Orange graffiti keepall i plan on purchasing
  15. Never!!