Do you find yourself liking the old designs of Louis Vuitton bags?


Nov 26, 2006
Do you find yourself liking the old designs of Louis Vuitton bags?

For myself, I think, besides from the classics (Speedy, Neverfull, Alma), I only like I think the Montaigne and the Capucines. Most of my LV wishlists are from the discontinued styles like the Manhattan, Hudson and MC pieces.

The new styles doesn’t make my heart skip as much as the old ones. What about you?


May 28, 2007
Absolutely. I am definitely not the target Louis Vuitton client anymore. Probably why I jumped onto the H bandwagon many moons ago.

Besides the Alma (which I will always consider as a great staple/classic to have), I think of bags like the Sac Plat, Pont Neuf, Jasmin (such a elegant bag, even to this day), and Sac Triangle (very avant-garde for the era). When they re-released the Lockit in 2006 I also thought that was such a beautiful and elegant design.

I miss the old Epi colors - Mandarin, Lilac, Moka, Pepper

Lines I miss the most - Murakami’s Cherry Blossom (2003) and Monogramouflage (2008), and the Monogram Miroir line (2006).

Don't even get me started on the Monogram Centenaire items from 1996 - my favorites are the Alaia Alma, Sybilla umbrella backpack, and the Westwood bum bag. Like the Monogram Miroir, these items seemed outrageous at the time (I thought the Miroir line was so in your face and over the top) but compared to what Louis Vuitton has been releasing for the last while, they all seem very elegant and subdued.
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Feb 23, 2016
I am definitely liking the old designs better than the new. I find myself walking into t he LV stores trying to find a new bag and cannot find one. I have dozens of LV handbags from the "past". I did recently buy a Neo Noe though. I might get a Speedy 25 DE classic next. I did buy two MCM WOCS and love them. I am starting to look at other companies now. Chanel, Hermes, etc. I haven't found anything there yet.


Jul 10, 2018
I'm just starting my collection (wish I started ages agoo as I see more and more of all the must-have designs I missed out on) so that's why I'm gravitating towards the classical prints. However I still loveeeee neon colors (reminds me of lisa frank era:heart:) and would love to splurge on something modern except none of these new releases hollers out my name and makes my heart sing. I know designers like to be wild and free with their imagination but there is such a thing called "matching colors" which makes something more appealing to the eyes


Aug 20, 2007
I like the old but also some of the new.
I miss my Druout and wish I kept it. At the same time I remember it being super stiff & hard to organize in the small deep space which is probably why I sold it. I still have & use my petite bucket. I have an old Noe but these are still current bags... my Eva is 11 - is that even old now?

As of semi-recent releases I have the pochette Métis (2019) new Manhattan (2018) & the Turenne (2014). I love the new Manhattan though some hate it.

Currently I’m not interested in any other bags they’re offering but I did see one yet to be released that interests me. Reminiscent of the old W bag. Some of the releases or to be released are nice but I don’t LOVE them enough to purchase. I can see the appeal to others though. I’m more of a classic style but I adore the pop of giant colors in the slgs. My Zoe wallet & everyone else’s pictures of her just make me smile.

I don’t prefer designs in bags like the cherries or cherry blossom. Even the MC line in a bag was too much for me but I loved the slgs & admire the bags on others. So I guess my answer is I like old & new & diversity:smile:


Feb 6, 2015
I’m definitely starting to steer away from my beloved LV.

I have a number of items, mostly discontinued now. The timeless classic designs of the old days are what I prefer. The canvas and quality is also significantly nicer.

I was not a fan of the graffiti or roses but I still have an appreciation of those lines.

Got my life now the direction LV is going is not age appropriate or work appropriate for my lifestyle.

I think my only current pieces are the PM reverse, Neverfull DE RB and Neverfull DA RB!

I guess my wallet will finally be safe....


Feb 26, 2012
I have been purchasing for about 17 years and I tend to prefer more of the classics. Still kicking myself for returning a PM Odeon 2 years ago for a black Pochette Metis. When I went to order Odeon again, it was discontinued. I miss the finishing of the older pieces. I liked it when the canvas was edged in leather rather than glazed. I think it added quite a bit of durability. I like some of the new pieces, but feel that others are unnecessarily busy - can't figure out why Saintonge has the plate and tassels, so I got a Gucci Disco. The new giant collection, I can't imagine how all the canvas straps are going to wear, given leather NF straps were prone to cracking and glazing issues and we all know there is no cure for cracked canvas. I just look at some of the new releases and shake my head.


Born Again Speedy
Nov 20, 2010
As a male, I felt LV made interesting bags in the past for guys. But now I am just not keen on current line up of men bags in the permanent collection. Just drab and boring-at least for the canvas bags. I am more looking at just wallet and shoes.

Like what ever happen with Palk Backpack!? Jake Tote? Kitan tote? Torres Messenger? Why men have to wear the boring Graphite checkers? Monochrom eclipse canvas? I want a nice ebene canvas bag. Or nicer Macassar bags with black epi or taurillon leather lining? I miss seeing bags with vachetta leather too.
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Nov 7, 2018
as a younger consumer (24 years old) i very much prefer the newer designs!! idk why but i feel the vintage pieces look a bit too dated on me and i cant pull it off :sad: + i like ghesquiere's work so much and his reinventions of older classic models are a major LOVE for me!!! i think the new designs are super trendy and fashionable (or maybe it's just the marketing) but they really make my heart sing :smile:

that said i still do have a few older designs which i love (all manufactured in 1995-1996) such as the epi sac de paule and epi minuit!!! some designs definitely withstand the test of time thats for sure :smile: