Do you find yourself going for something signature or more discreet?

  1. LOL I can't decide which wristlet, so I bugged my brother about it, and he went for the suede, said it was more "appealing" but my cousin who is an LV fanatic went for the other wristlet. And that got me wondering, do you steer towards a coach design that doesn't admit it is coach by the logo, or like the patterned Cs over the other designs? Then colors come into play, do you favour the signature khaki.. or like a friend of mine like the black on black because it is more discreet?
  2. it depends....i have so much black that i decided this year i would do more signature...say in a chocolate brown.....i'm not one that likes to advertise brands...i go for the classic styles in everything and that has had me purchasing alot of and i figure the signature styles that aren't too loud..........go great with my style...for what it's worth though i still love the wristlet in the non suede.. brown w/ lurex c's in the gold and brown....still has some suede and the cute goes great with black too!!!!!!!
    i worry about the care of an all over suede bag or wrislet and keeping it clean
  3. Honestly I am not a fan of the signature print any longer:sad:

    I prefer their more discreet bags:smile:
  4. I am a signature person.
  5. I stay discreet----I like carry coach because I love it...not because I need to flaunt the brand... So most of my stuff is leather - and the signature things I do have are more subtle like the optic or the patchwork.
  6. If I were picking a wristlet I would go for the leather or signature. The suede won't hold up well. My suede bags are all fine but you don't carry them like you would a wristlet.
  7. I go with what I like at the time. Sometimes a design in signature appeals to me and sometimes it doesn't and I go for the leather. I like Coach period.
  8. i think with age comes a desire to not have the signature pieces.
    but, hey, i'm 21- gimme the signature!
    and i know my new red one is much more discreet than my khaki signature. and i like that, too. :smile:
  9. I'm not a fan of the khaki, but the new brown is growing on me!!
  10. Signature, all my bags I believe have the Cs!!
  11. It depends on the bag style for me. I do find that I generally prefer a more discreet look for any brand. ;)
  12. Whatever fancies me, I get it if I have the $. Doesn't matter if it's signature or not.
  13. It depends on the bag. I never used to consider myself a "logo-lover", but my first Coach bags (patchwork hobo and white and godl duffle) both wound up being signature and I loved those. I think I go more by the bag.
  14. I like to be more discreet. I used to love the logos but now I find myself leaning towards all leather bags.
  15. Signature person.