Do you find yourself favoring one over the other? from leather to hardware?

  1. Do you find yourself choosing black over brown or vice versa or gold hardware over silver hardware? Or are you indifferent?
  2. I'm trying to convince myself to have something black and something brown, accessories for gold, and accessories for silver, but I find myself favoring gold hardware and brown.
  3. Black, brown or other neutral colors but always prefer silver hardware.
  4. I like most colours (although I tend to favour cooler ones), I like both black and brown and I like gold and silver hardware, quite equally. :yes:

    I do think that gold hardware can look better online, but IRL, both look equally good to me. :biggrin:
  5. I like both colors equally too, as long as it looks good on the bag... I use to really like silver but find myself leaning toward gold these days...
  6. I tend to prefer silver hardware on bags. Browns often look better with gold/light gold hardware but it is all personal preference. I usually don't like the shade of gold hardware used (I find it too brassy or something) so I generally stay away from it. I think it has alot to do with my jewelery preference being white gold/platinum.
  7. Not too fussy about color, but would choose black over brown generally. For hardware, I defintely prefer silver HW because of my coloring and jewelry.
  8. I've been carrying black bags for years now and am starting to look for a brown bag. I'd like to find a deep, distressed brown. Not picky about the color hardware, but I think generally silver looks better with black and gold with brown.
  9. I always go for gold hardware, I wear yellow gold jewellry and I have a pathetic need to match :shame: I'm not so picky about color though, except that I need at least one in every color ;)
  10. I've owned a little of everything, but I definitely prefer gold colored hardware. I particularly like sold brass hardware rather than goldtone or brasstone metal. It wears better. Between brown and black it depends on the bag. Some bags look better in brown. Some look better in black. I do own more black than brown, though.