do you find your sunnies heavy?

  1. I wore my new glasses for the first time today. While I loved the look of them, behind my ears started to hurt and they felt heavy on my face. I normally wear seringetti glasses. Is the change something I need to get used to? (My new ones have big plastic frames)
  2. They may not be the best pair for you if they're hurting anywhere at all.
    I've had 3 pairs, wear 2 all the time now and neither feel heavy nor hurt.
    I've worn YSL, Gucci and Armani's and Chanel's don't feel any different weight-wise to me.
  3. I actually find that my chanels are some of the lightest I have compared to my gucci's and Christian Dior.
  4. Possibly they're not fit to your face correctly - they shouldn't feel uncomfortable at all. The only adjustment I've ever made to mine is to tighten the screws at the joints when they get too loose and start sliding. Otherwise, they feel lovely, and are nice and have great coverage.
  5. totally agree:yes: My chanels 4017 are light as a feather compared to my Dior Glossy or Gucci Aviators..still love wearing them thought:heart:
  6. All of the Chanel sunglasses I have had never felt heavy or hurt- I guess maybe the style you have does not fit you correctly??? :shrugs:

    Even my Chanel aviators are pretty lightweight and they are metal and glass.:yes:
  7. Try having them adjusted, fit wise. I know what you mean about hurting behind the ears... it's usually that the glasses are not adjusted properly.
  8. I think I have the same ones as you - the Mother of Pearl - and I find them incredibly comfy. While I don't find them heavy - I do find them sturdy - like they're made really well. This was exactly what I wanted when investing that kind of $$ in a pair of Chanel Sunnies - so I hope you like them. If you're finding them uncomfortable, you should keep looking until you find ones that are better. That's what I did, and now I have no regrets.
  9. My Chanels don't seem heavy, really. Just sturdy. It's funny how you mentioned feeling like they were heavy - just a few months ago I was complaining that the 6008 felt "light" compared to my other pairs, which are older.

    Ultimately, you gotta get what's right for you, whether it means adjusting or returning your sunnies. Good luck... I hope it all works out!
  10. maybe I am not used to them? I have been wearing very light metal small framed glasses, these are much bigger and plastic-I did take them in and have the arms heated up and adjusted a bit so maybe that will help. I live 2 hours away from the store. Of course they felt ok there.