Do you find you gravitate towards a particular scarf designer? Which one?

  1. Do you find that you are "attracted" to scarves by one particular designer? I never payed attention to the designer's name before joining tpf but looking at my collection I can see that the scarves I use the most and love the most are all by LeDoux, especially my all-time favorite "Reprise."
    Am I the only one?
  2. Yes! I love LeDoux as well, but Dalet is my all time favorite.
    Great question!
  3. I am not attracted to just one designer. I like a lot of them.

    Altho I LOVE LeDoux. I even decided to collect all of his designs at one point. I got up to 70 LeDoux designs and it seemed to never end. Everytime I thought i was finished, I found a new one that I didnt have in my collection. Bah!
  4. I just looked at some of the Dalet scarves and you are right they are amazing!
  5. Annie Faive is my absolute favorite for her versatility and attention to design. I have most of her designs and some in more than one colorway (Rencontre Oceane, Grands Fonds, Riviere de Babel, Jardin d'Hiver, etc.). Actually she did 33 so far and I have 6 more to go. Dalet is another one of my favorites since I love his realistic animals. To be honest, I really love a lot of their designers.
  6. I love Kermit Oliver and Annie Faivre.
  7. Oh, I forgot to say I also love Annie Faivre's monkeys which she has incorporated into most of her scarf designs. Kind of like a looking for Nemo game and they are so adorable when you spot them. Hope there is at least one in her design for Spring '08.
  8. Love Kermit Oliver most of all.
    (Wish H would reissue the Rodeo Cowgirls scarf.)
  9. I like Leigh Cooke.
  10. elizabethk, golconda and merrydish-

    thanks for your answers-they made me take a much closer look at these artists. They are each totally unique and really bring a new look to H beyond the traditional horse and bridle in gold.

    I am definitely going to look for Annie Faivre's monkeys now-

    I love the historical respresentations that Oliver does-

    and Cooke's designs are awesome the way they take the everyday and make it art.
  11. So many but I love all of Clerc's designs. :tup:
  12. I just took a look at Clerc's designs-He is the one that dis Soiree de Gala and Paddock-those are fantastic! Thanks for posting!
  13. bumping this up because I found it really interesting and would love to hear from everyone else!