Do you find you get better service if you are carrying a Chanel bag?


Hi, I'm Kuri
Aug 9, 2006
No, not for me. Generally, people (SAs) treat me the same regardless of whether I have a Chanel bag or not. I think it's because I'm young (21) and I a 21 year old when I walk in Chanel/NM/etc. I wear my Nor Cal Hoodie, jeans and my rainbow flip flops with my Chanels, lol...maybe thats why I'm not getting "better" service or any service. lol. =P


bag greed bug
Jun 4, 2006
well, depends on where u go
i guess yeah when i go to chanel, they would give me better service when i carry a chanel or basically any high end designer bags

when i went to LV with my watercolor speedy, the SA even invited me to the inside room where they have a special personalized speedy service that's only introduced to VIPs, and i never even bought my LV in that certain LV store LOL
Sep 5, 2008
i was rocking my 'el cheapo' bag the one time i went into the chanel boutique at tysons II and me and SO were treated very nicely

SO said he was actually frightened by the persuasive kindness of the SA
(as in he could mind control him into buying things he know he shouldnt)



Feb 7, 2008
I think SA's give me good service because I know a lot about Chanel and what exactly I'm looking for. I've only met good SA's though, so hopefully they are nice to everyone. I always know what I want when I walk in though and they can tell. I do carry my Chanel bags though. I hope this doesn't sound snobby, but maybe they think someone with a Chanel is more serious and might buy more from them. I think it's fine to go and just look and not own any, don't get me wrong. SA's are people that need to pay their bills so I'm just guessing that maybe they think you will buy something...

A lot of people go in Chanel and don't buy. So SA's should briefly greet and just let them roam and look around. An SA once told me they can weed out the buyers from the lookers. I think that's kind of unfair as you never know who is serious about buying or not. THey might be looking to buy their first. But typically, they just might think someone with Chanel on is likely to buy more???


Ms. Speedy Gonzales
Aug 24, 2007
I walked in incognito (no designer duds on; no-name bag) to check out the designer clothes on sale at Saks - this was when they just about to end. The SA was new and did not know me, said a corteous hello but pretty much ignored me the whole time, something I was very happy as I wanted to be left alone to browse the racks. That changed the minute someone from another boutique came by and recognized me and mentioned how they had me down for a number of items. From that point on then the SA must have seen dollar signs and would not leave me alone; offering me water, wine, etc. So yes they could treat you different, only this time I really wanted to be left alone. I bought one thing and left!!!


Aug 9, 2007
Honestly, it depends on the SA. One time I walked in wearing my marc by marc jacobs bag and sunglasses, jeans and t shirt, I tell you, they see everything you wear! (And I almost always dont care about how I dress when Im purely shopping and know what I wanna get!) Anyway, that day I was looking for a costume jewellery necklace as a gift for my little sister's grad and I literally had to beg her to show me what kind of styles she had! Other times when I pop by after work and I'm wearing a suit, killer heels and bag, Im followed around and treated like a queen.
All that said, I actually prefer being dressed like a bum because I like to be on the downlow when I am searching to buy something. Very rarely do I buy something because the SA has talked my ears off or "convinced" me to.


Jun 22, 2008
i have 3 different experience with 3 different SA when i visited chanel boutique in the past
1. No chanel, casual wear -- SA greet me then served other 'potential' buyer, i browse by myself
2. Carrying a chanel bag -- i was looking for a white chanel bag, SA very helpful and let me try jumbo and GST
3. No chanel, casual wear and carrying 1 shopping bag -- SA 'look' at me and 'decided' to ignore me. she wasn't busy at all. i didn't really care.when i put my shopping bag on the floor and look at the accecories, she saw a professional magazine inside my shopping bag, then here you go.. she came and offer help. i said that i am just browsing around and she hand me the new arrival in front of me and ask me to try.. good service to the end even though i didn't buy anything
well, these are my experience with 3 different SA in a same chanel boutique