Do you find the Dior Book tote garish/gaudy?

What do you think about the Book tote?

  • Too garish/gaudy! Gives a flashy impression of the person wearing it!

  • Beautiful, although gives a too flashy impression.

  • It looks garish and gaudy, but I would not think that says anything about the person wearing it.

  • It's beautiful/neutral, it would not catch my attention for being flashy not garish.

  • I own a Book tote and I feel flashy wearing it.

  • I own a Book tote and I do not feel flashy wearing it.

  • I am only voting to see the results.

  • It looks garish and gaudy, but I would not perceive the person wearing it showy!

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Aug 8, 2020
Hi purseforumers!

I need some help!

I have saved up enough to buy a new bag, and I am thrilled. I have a few designer purses but no tote bag!

One of the bags I am considering is the Dior Book tote. I love the oblique pattern, it's such a romantic looking design, and I think the Book tote is the most beautiful in this design.

I tried it on once, about a year ago, and I loved the structured design and the size looked perfect on me (and finding bags with the right proportions is not something to take for granted). I also saw a video about the process behind each bag and the time and effort they put into each one really adds to the bags appeal. I was smitten.

The only thing that makes me hesitate is that logos was, like a minute ago, considered very tacky and outdated (except for the LV canvas for some reason), and this bag is not only plastered in logos, it has a huge "CHRISTIAN DIOR" logo written all over it. I personally don't think the large name necessarily looks bad at all actually, looking at it purely from a aesthetic point of view. It is a well balanced, cool design element that adds to the overall look, it makes it more eye catching, almost a bit "sporty"! But at the same time I wish it was not there, as it could not probably, objectively, be said being any different from the huge BALENCIAGA logos that Bal puts on their new bags (that I find really not being my style), even though I subjecively find the logo on the Book tote prettier...

I guess this boils down to being a matter of caring about how others perceive me. I know I should not care, and normally I don't, at all. It's just that looking like you are showing of is a really unflattering look, and gives of a really not charmig impression of a person?

I am probably overthinking this, or am I? Should I care? Whear do you draw the line of what is "too showy" and what is not? Right now when the look is quite "in", so to say, it would probably not feel as "daring" to go out with a huge, logo-covered bag, compared to in a few years, in case the trend dies out. But for how long will it's popularity last? Is it starting to look dated already?

I am not saying I need to carry it forever if I buy it, I am fine with it being a temporary fad (a few years or so), but I do want to make an "informed decision" if I do so, and be grounded in what I can expect to feel about the bag. Haha.

I have been going over this in my head for a while, but I am not getting any wiser, so now I turn to you, dear purseforumers, to get some help sorting out this mess in my head. What do you think about this design, and how would you perceive someone carrying it?

I understand that this might not be the perfect place for this question, as we all, assumingly, share the same passion for design in general and handbags in particular, but maybe someone could share some wise insight to a highly confused Book tote fan.

Also, this is quite normal for me to freak out like this when I an in a buying process for a bigger purchase. I always need to blow up every aspect, relevant or not, to come to a conclusion, haha. Sorry for making you read all my inner drama.


Jan 19, 2020
Hehe I like Naomi’s bag. I’m honestly not a fan of the book tote, bu I’m not a tote person. Go with what makes your heart sing :smile:
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Nov 22, 2006
How many people actually own bags that they love even 10 years later? If so, then why do so many "classic" bags that aren't very old sold on the resale market in large volumes? Just get what you want. You can easily convince yourself either way with the Book Tote, but at the end of the day, getting something that you want is what matters. If you like it, then get it. If you don't, then don't.

People sometimes try to get bags that have mass appeal, like the Chanel Classic Flap, but then because they got something that has high resale value, and is considered "classic", but they didn't actually love, they try to sell it later. What's the point of getting a bag just because other people like it?

And lots of bags are really "showy". Even the Classic Flap is. I doubt women buy bags like the Birkin, Classic Flap, or even the BV Cassette hoping that no one would ID their bag. These bags are very showy. It's the miracle of successful advertising.

I actually didn't find a choice in your poll that matched what I actually felt, even with the number of choices given. I still chose something, but I don't think that giving all these prescribed options would necessarily get the answer that you are looking for.


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
I would prefer it if the name wasn't actually written and just used the Oblique patten (loving the Naomi).

But it's a good shopper/travel bag, classic large tote, probably a second bag for most that carry, either with a little x-body or shoulder style and which would presumably more plain, just a fun piece I'd say.

Are you overthinking, probably, but it's not cheap and you are entitled to consider every purchase carefully.

Follow your :heart: not others' sensibilities
Jun 15, 2017
I think it's cute, you could say the same about any designer bag- Gucci tote with the GG print, LV monogram neverfull, Chanel bags with the large CC on the front etc, the YSL Rive Gauch
If you like it just go for it, who cares what other people think! Personally if I saw someone with it I'd admire it


30th anniversary cuff
Aug 31, 2008
But at the same time I wish it was not there, as it could not probably, objectively, be said being any different from the huge BALENCIAGA logos that Bal puts on their new bags (that I find really not being my style), even though I subjecively find the logo on the Book tote prettier...

I guess this boils down to being a matter of caring about how others perceive me. I know I should not care, and normally I don't, at all.
I do happen to like this bag (Worn on other people who can carry its proportions without it looking jarring or out of place). I also like the Naomi bag on her. (I’m short and medium build and unfortunately cannot carry this kind of logo without looking like a banner emblazoned, slightly matronly fire hydrant, so I really appreciated your discussion on the aesthetics and proportion.

you did say you wished it was not there. Is the other side ‘plain‘ Pattern? if so, when you prefer to be more discreet, you can then carry it logo facing inward. I don’t know if you need to care what others think (like if your employer thinks you don’t need a raise bc you are carrying an expensive bag).

But, barring that kind of situation, you should buy and wear what you love and can afford.

Pls keep us posted on whatever you decide and hopefully we’ll see some action shots of you rocking your bag! :biggrin:


Jan 14, 2016
As someone who is in the market for something similar, I can see why you like it. It's a lovely, simple silhouette; it's a tote; and it's big enough to live in. My understanding is that it comes in a number of different prints, and that increases the appeal. The bag's a beauty.
I can also understand your hesitation in buying something with a flashy logo (although, as someone mentioned in an earlier comment, the name is only emblazoned in giant letters across one side). I'm afraid, however, that this bag has a bigger problem: I just can't see it as a practical purchase.
I would think that anyone needing a tote that size has some Stuff To Carry, and filling the Book Tote would give it considerable heft. I'm not convinced that raw canvas is the best material for such a workhorse. I also think the handles should be long enough to go easily over a shoulder, since it stands to reason that such weight would be objectionable in a short-handled tote. Not that I think that every bag purchase has to be "Function > Fashion", by any means - but more often than not, tote bags have a real job to do. I'm not quite convinced that this one is the best candidate for the position.
Maybe I'm wrong. I don't own this bag, so I'm no expert on it. I'll be interested in seeing what you choose, and which factors played a role in your decision-making process. Good luck on this one!
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Mar 9, 2020
If you care this much, don't get the bag. Some people will think you look last year with the logo, others will admire your bag and some people just won't care or even notice your bag.

If you love a bag, you can carry the world ugliest thing and make it work. If you're not sure, you won't enjoy wearing the bag. You can only use it and hope you'll feel more comfortable over time.

Get it because you love the design. It doesn't matter what I think because I'm not the one who has to carry it. I love the booktote, hate the oblique. You want a carryall. I love small bags. You're not suddenly going to buy an oblique clutch just because I say so. If you love the book tote in the oblique, love it and wear it no matter what people think.

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Sep 20, 2011
I actually wanted this bag for a long time especially when it came out, but never got it. I think what put me off was reviews from friends who said it was too bulky when carried on the shoulder, one friend said that she would knock people about when carrying it on her shoulder (maybe that was exaggerated). I live in NYC and I end up in crowded spaces more often than not, so this comment stuck with me. I still admire it when I see women carrying it in the city. If I ever get it, I'll probably only use for travel. For everyday city living I'll probably get another Goyard Saint Louis Tote. My point is if the bag fits your lifestyle and you love it, go for it!
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Jun 18, 2012
I usually love most Dior but I’m not a fan of the book tote. That being said, I would never, ever think to call it gaudy or garish. It actually looks kind of mumsy to me. :shrugs: I only offer my opinion to say that there will be 100 opinions about the bag.

The logo craze will go in and out of style every few years forever. I wouldn’t let that make a difference to me. I have and stay at a low medium logo tolerance so I buy bags with few or no logos so that I stay happy with them as long as possible. Perhaps consider your own logo tolerance and see if this fits?

Lastly, many have said this so I’m just repeating their sage advice: ONLY get the bag if you can’t bear not to own it. It doesn’t seem like you’re there so it might be good to wait a bit until “your” bag comes along. Good Luck!
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Nov 13, 2012
heyo :smile: i don't really think it's gaudy/ garish. i actually just got the pink toile de jouy today 1613480181611.png

and what i adored about it was its pink is a neutral. i have other pink bags i consider a neutral. i have yellow bags as well that work as a neutral. since there have been so many variations of the book tote, perhaps wait a little longer until dior releases something that speaks to you? my sister has the burgundy oblique and i thought about it but it just wasn't me.

you can try getting the grey version if you think the navy would be too loud for you. i have the blue and grey espadrilles and they give off different vibes. people usually lean in to look which i find interesting.:smile:

good luck! :rolleyes: you can do this! :tup: no pressure.


oh hai mark
May 18, 2017
I voted it's beautiful, neutral, and not garish but flashy. Maybe I'm misinterpreting 'flashy' but I don't even find it that flashy? :doh: I mean it's clearly Dior, but I don't find it that showy at all. I think the muted colours of the oblique/trotteur help out as well.

I haven't seen much of this bag 'in the wild' and if I saw it, I would notice it (solely in a good way!)... but a Birkin is 99% logo-free and I dang well notice a Birkin/Kelly when I see one in public. I also did quite a double-take and craned my neck last Spring when I saw a woman walk by the salon I was sitting in with a Cassette bag (first time I'd seen one of those in person.)

Maybe you could get the Micro size? That way it's not as in your face. It seems like the tote fits a good amount for a mini bag if YouTube is anything to go by.
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Oct 24, 2016
Love Dior, but not this. Reminds me of my granny’s bag for her knitting. :biggrin: In general fabric bags don’t hold up well.
Good luck in your decision!