Do you find the Chanel Cambon bowling bag comfortable to wear on the shoulder?

  1. I was trying to decide whether to get a Chanel cambon bowling bag....I have tried it on several times in the boutique, but I find that one strap falls off my shoulder. I love this bag, but am not sure what to do.

    Do you find this bag to be comfortable to wear on the shoulder? Does one strap fall off? Should I get one? Thanks in advance for your advice!:smile:
  2. I find it to be comfortable on my shoulder (small to medium boned, not slight in build) but the only way I can get both handles to stay on is if I push the bag behind me versus having it lie flat on my side. It's lightweight and also easy to carry on the forearm.
  3. I agree with roey. You need to tuck it behind your arms and it stays on really nicely...even when stuffed full. Maybe the straps break in a little too to make it more comfortable. It is actually one of my most comfortable bags on my shoulder.
  4. It fits comfortably on my shoulders. I just don't like the way my arm presses on the bag and flattens it. Other than that, it's a wonderful bag.
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