Do you find that you match a certain outfit to a particular bag?

  1. I do!

    My mini black classic goes with my evening wear.
    My red E/W is inteneded for for smart sexy day wear.
    My fabric patchwork flap ususally goes with a white shirt or girly clothes.
    My white black Cambon goes with my smart casual or suits.
    My Denim Cabas I haven't used yet either but I think I will use this as a sporty bag.

    How about you?
  2. i do that only when i'm using a bag for the very first time

    i just got my Luxe Bowler and i'm taking it shopping today, so i'm planning my outfit around the bag :lol:
  3. yup i do that too...plan an outfit to match the bag! haha!
  4. I am very much a match outfit to bag girl, how about you?
  5. Yeah, I'd say I am haha. :p I like my bags to compliment what I'm wearing for sure, but the incurable Chanel disease has me often planning an outfit around my bag, and not the other way around haha! :roflmfao: I don't like to mix tones though for sure... if my outfit has shades of blue or something, I won't be carrying a coral flap. :p So you're not alone! ;)
  6. match bag to outfit usually, but when i get a new bag i deffinitely match outfit to bag.
  7. Match bag to outfit. I go through my closet first, pick what I want to wear, and then think to myself what bag should I wear with this.
  8. I like to match bag to outfit...Most of my bags will work seamlessly into my existing wardrobe or I am buying a bag to complete a "look" or add a new variation to a "look".

    I rarely just buy a bag and try to dress around the bag so-to-speak. Sometimes that can lead to waste - as I have seen with my friends.

    But it does happen sometimes that a bag speaks to me and it tells me to buy it and a new outfit to match...:cutesy:
  9. yes, me too.
  10. both! sometimes i'll pick out that special outfit then pick the bag, but sometimes when i'm too lazy to change bags i'll definitely try to match the outfit with bag. either way, i'll be matching! hehe
  11. you said what i wanted to! totally agreed. ;)
  12. I decide what bag I'm in the mood to wear and then search my closet.
  13. It depends for me. Definitely when I am going somewhere special I pick the bag first, but day to day it is probably the outfit first and then the bag...
  14. Some days I'll match the outfit to the bag, but usually I match the bag to my outfit.
  15. I match bag to outfit/shoes/jewelry. I like a coordinated look.